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Best Winter Jackets for Cycling- Here you need to know

They begin to lower temperatures and for many to go out to train becomes a complete ordeal. A minor ordeal if it is chosen correctly between the different winter jackets for cycling. The winter cycling clothing is increasingly worked, and the garments are more technical and warmer year after year. Equip yourself in the best way to overcome the winter and keep training during the winter period is possible. We tell you how to get it.

It is in your hands to choose a good winter jacket to beat the cold. No more cold shivering on the roads and the mountain while waiting for the group companions, stop to fill a canister or decide to take advantage of Sunday stopping for breakfast.

Then we leave you with a varied compilation of the best winter jackets for cycling. The best options in terms of value for money, Windstopper windbreaker jackets, waterproof jackets, and cheap cycling jackets. We start!

Gore Bike Wear Winter Jackets for cycling  (phantom 2.0)

We want to start the compilation with the phantom 2.0. A jacket that has long been established as one of the preferred options by both mountain and road cyclists.

The quality of Gore in winter clothes is undoubted, and the phantom 2.0 is not the exception. A polyvalent windproof jacket and tremendously versatile, which can become one of the best gifts for cyclists.

A Soft Shell product of enormous quality that allows overcoming the best weather conditions in the best way. It is ideal for the whole year thanks also to its enormous breathability that favors the proper evacuation of sweat, thus far surpassing one of the weak points of most cycling jackets on the market, the evident lack of breathability.

We are in front of a Windstopper jacket (windproof) and hydro repellent that perfectly spits out moderate rain.

To the product, we must add practical removable sleeves with a zipper that allow having a short sleeve or windproof jersey in the same piece. All this without putting at risk the comfort and ease of movement. These sleeves can be stored perfectly in the back pockets. This small detail is especially interesting in mountainous routes with important changes in temperature between the high and low part of the route, thus solving the sensation of heat and cold that we can have when we climb or descend a port. The Phantom 2.0 jacket adapts to all circumstances.

You can get one of the best MTB jackets in the market, reduced by 39 euros in the following link. The model is available in three colors (Yellow, Blue, and Red).

Long Gore Oxygen Windstopper jersey

Another option of the powerful European brand. The Gore Oxygen long jersey is as its name suggests a long, wind-resistant jersey. It is perfect for cycling enthusiasts, although it can also be used for trekking or other outdoor sports. The breathability is very good, and the cut is adjusted and anatomical for great freedom of movement. The back has 3 small pockets in which you can conveniently store different objects.

For me, the best thing about the garment is its simplicity. A fine and elegant garment that protects us from the cold thanks to its enormous warmth and at the same time retains the minimalist touch of cycling clothes. It is one of the few long jerseys on the market that practically does not bulge, and that makes you feel free and comfortable. It is available in the usual sizes and has two versions in red and black-yellow. The price despite the significant reduction of Amazon is still somewhat high but who has tried the quality Gore will be convinced of wanting to invest every euro of its market price. You can see the availability of sizes and colors in this link.

Castelli Perfetto jacket

One of the most coveted mtb jackets by all cyclists. La Castelli Perfetto is the natural evolution of the Castelli Gabba, a historical garment that has an improved version in the Perfetto.

The Perfetto is probably the best water repellent jacket in the entire market. Life insurance for those cyclists who train in the most complicated geography in climatological terms.

It has an external waterproof finish that helps the cyclist to keep the body dry and warm, both in cold and rainy conditions. What is most surprising about the Castelli Perfetto is that it is waterproof and breathable at the same time, a feature that very few jackets on the market can boast of having.

Castelli can say that it has a waterproof, lightweight, and windproof jacket that will satisfy the expectations of the most demanding cyclists with the material.

Its aerodynamic design and elastic and soft fabric perfectly adjusted to the body is what stands out compared to other direct competitors who usually present in their jackets thicker models and less tight to the body.

The best thing of all is the discount (close to 50%) offered by the Chain Reaction page until the end of stock. Use these lines as a personal recommendation. Undoubtedly an excellent gift anticipated for this Christmas.

Lixada: cycling jacket

The Lixada is the most economical option to equip in winter. Made of polyester and elastane has a soft and breathable fabric that evacuates sweat quite well. The jacket without becoming one of the thickest on the market is enough to spend the autumn and all winter with the help of some thermal underwear.

The jacket is perfectly adapted for cycling and has three pockets on the back, where you can store food, an air pump or a basic tool kit. In that same back part, the jacket has reflective bands that guarantee the cyclist’s safety both on the road and on the mountain.

In addition, the long zipper facilitates alongside a silicone hem on the ends the cyclist’s comfort, especially once the usual position on the bicycle has been adopted. Your washing is also very easy and comfortable.

Although it is a jacket designed for cycling, it can perfectly serve as a jacket for other sports such as hiking or mountain skiing.

Its attractive price of 27 euros makes it one of the cheapest cycling jackets in the market.

Even more interesting is the complete winter kit offered by the brand: Jacket and a long leg for 57 euros. In this link, you can check the offer to set off the shorts of the brand. Without a doubt a great option if your budget is something more adjusted. The set (jacket and shorts) are available in three colors (orange, blue and red) and in 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

Spiuk Anatomic jacket

The moment for a tremendously functional mid-priced jacket that, above all, in the case of winds, allows the cyclist to enjoy great flexibility in his equipment. The Spiuk anatomic windbreaker jacket is extremely light and can be carried on all exits with great ease. A product that, especially in the autumn months, where the weather is more changing, can get us out of more than one hurry. The outer layer repels water perfectly and keeps our inner layers perfectly dry. The jacket has a full front zipper that is always more comfortable than classic half-neck zippers. You can buy a waterproof, windproof Spiuk jacket on the Amazon platform from 23 euros.

An interesting option of the same brand is the full anatomic Spiuk jacket that offers a more protection point, especially in the face of low temperatures for just 30 euros more. Having a sale price of 68 euros. You have it available in blue and red.

Long set for Inbike cycling

If you are looking for a complete set for cheap cycling, with Maillot and long shorts, this is one of the possibilities to take into account when making the purchase.

For just 40 euros you have a long cycling jersey and a bib with a gel pad. The set is functional and can perfectly satisfy the needs of those less amateur cyclists.

The jersey also has the 3 traditional back pockets and on the sides has reflective adhesive bars that increase visibility, especially when the sun comes down.

The fabric fits well to the body and the Lycra fabric, in addition to being soft and light, removes sweat quite well thanks to its more breathable parts.

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