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18 Special Name Day Flowers and Gifts

The most cherished gifts for Name Day are flower arrangements and decoration in Greece. The reason why flowers are favorable for sending happy Name Day wishes is for their meaningfulness. They are full of symbolism and can convey a lot of emotions. You can also choose to settle for other gifts like happy Name Day cards, but it is still recommend that you complement your gifts with a bouquet of flowers. If you want to impress the celebrant on these occasions, then here are 18 floral and other gifts ideas that may will work perfectly.


The rose flower is the queen flower of them all when it comes to Name Day Gifts. That splend our of this bunch is remarkable and anyone will like them. The appropriate colour for this occasion will depend on the relationship you have with the celebrant. If it’s your spouse, then red rose will be perfect since it symbolizes great passion and love. The pink rose symbolizes unconditional love from the mother of father to the celebrant.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are also beautiful flowers to gift someone on their Name Day celebration. The beauties of these wonderful flowers are their availability of many bright colors that bring life to any occasion.

A Bouquet of Mixed Flowers

If you can’t seems to find the one specific kind of flower as a gift or you just want the bouquet to pop with so many colors, you can mix different flowers colors in one bouquet and it is acceptable.


For that special person in your life the lily flower will work very well. These are the best flowers if you want to convey sincerity and gratitude for her love to you.

Take Him out for a Treat

Boys want to have fun especially when they have just entered adulthood and want to enjoy the freedom that comes with being an adult. It is time to unwind with some of his friends so make this happen by sponsoring to take them out for a drink.

Heart Strings

Heart strings are beautiful decorations for that young princess yearning to celebrate her Name Day. They are also quite simple too and create and anyone can make them.

A Box of Chocolate Candy

A party is not complete without delicious treats and tasty food. Chocolate candy bars and other sweets make good gifts for someone celebrating his or her Name Day.

A Vibrant Multi-Colour Bouquet

Since this is a great celebration, colorful flower bouquets make sure it grand. Don’t go for dull bouquets that are not inviting, as this will even affect the party mood.

Gift Card

If you haven’t found the best gift yet, then you can just settle for a gift card or a gift voucher. This is a great choice since it gives the celebrant a chance to get what they want instead of bombarding them with gifts they may already have.

Gift basket

Another great way to gift someone on their Name Day is getting them a gift basket which is included as a center piece while setting up the dinner table for the guests.


For the best floral arrangements, you can count on the carnation flower to deliver. These flowers are available in many hues, but its outstanding color is the pink carnation. They are perfect to convey tender or unconditional love.

DIY Necklace

To impress your girlfriend on her Name Day, try creating her these wonderful ornaments that can match with any attire she has. They are quite beautiful and you only need colorful beads to create them.

Movie Night

Now that the celebrant has had his or her fun for the day, it is time to settle down and enjoy a great movie night as you relax from the exhaustion of the party. You can decide to watch classic movies from back in the days, or go out for the latest block buster.

A Pair of Headphones

The in thing in the entertainment technology is the Bluetooth where you can connect sync and connect with other devices like your phone, stereo, and even television without cables. Bluetooth headphones allow the young prince to enjoy his music and videos from different devices and can really make a great Name Day gift.

Make Up Kit for the Lady

To show her that you care about how she looks a makeup kit will be a perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend on her Name Day. Girls love to look stunning all the time and this simple but wonderful gift will help her look her best all the time.

Spa Appointment

To keep her skin look young and rejuvenated,a nice spa treatment will do the trick. This will also remove all the stress that has accumulated for s while and let her relax. This is a perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife on her Name Day.

Lily and Tulip Display

Flowers can be displayed and presented in many different ways, for example you can have a mixture of the lily flowers and tulips in one bouquet to make wonderful Naming Day gifts.

A Classic Leather Watch for Him

Gift your man with this great wrist watch on his Name Day to show him that you care about his style and how he looks in general. This is a stylish watch leather strap watch that every stylish man should have. Get him this piece in whatever color he likes and will surely appreciate the gift. There are plenty more gifts for Name Day, but these ones will surely make statements. Try them out and see.

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