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Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

Building a website is essential for a business. It is a fact that everyone has a website for their business. However, it is also a fact that not every business website gets the recognition they require to thrive in the business world.

2019 is all about what works best for your business and what will break your company’s goals. It is not just about how it looks—where it is every bit necessary—it is also about how your website functions and how easily a customer can navigate through it. With that said, it is also a fact that you get only a quarter of a second to make an impression on the audience and if you fail to make a perfect first impression, it is likely to have a negative impact on your business.

There are a hundred of the website that will tell you what you need to do to grab the attention of the prospects, but you also need to keep in mind that not all ideas apply to your industry and may take your business in the opposite direction.

So, to prove to be useful instead of confusing, below are the top 11 mistakes you need to avoid to
make your business thrive in 2019.

Top web design mistakes to avoid in 2019

Nobody likes a cluttered website

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while designing a website is cluttering it with too much unclear information and distorted brand message. You must remember that the purpose of a website is to make sure a visitor is compelled to do business with you and a cluttered website will do no good in captivating a potential customer.

Keep your focus on building a brand identity. In order to make that, your website must have a creative logo design and informative content with clear navigation that can attract the customers.

There are two things you must remember to create a brand identity. One, hire a logo design company to produce a compelling logo for your website and second, make sure that you are clear with your brand message.

The lack of clear call to action

A website must be able to tell the customer about the what and where of a business. A call to action or CTA can get the visitors to focus on what their next step can be and with a persuasive command attached with a link can lead them to the “where” of the website.

You must remember that a clear message can make navigation easy for a visitor turning them into your customer. You can be creative with your call to action, but it is not a necessity. Keep your call to action simple and easy to understand so it can tell your customers exactly what they need to do.

Some of the leading websites have the simplest CTAs such as

  •  Add to cart
  • Contact us today
  • Sign up now
  • Get started and more

These simple CTAs are directly telling the visitors what they need to do on a particular site.

Weak search engine optimization (SEO)

Getting a high ranking on search engines cannot happen overnight. It needs effort and time to be considered as an authority site on search engines. Search engines have grown to be much smarter than that before, and a single mistake can cost your business a lot than just losing site authority.

There are three things you must remember for better search engine optimization

  •  Focus on long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords or more like key phrases are helpful in getting a more specific result. These
phrases are more like heading and results in more relevant leads. You need to be more specific
with your keywords that can provide relevant information that can help you to start
communication with the audience.

  • Post quality content

A website must consist of fresh, unique and informative content to bond with your potential
customers. Content plays an important role in SEO, and you must consider having a blog
component to your website. It can help you in sharing articles about your industry, its trends, and

Content can provide value to your customers and in return gain their trust to build a brand
identity. Choose topics such as tips and tricks or guide and more to engage the audience and
provide them with valuable information in a well-written format. Enable guest blogging or hire
professional writers to produce good quality content.

  • Encourage social media

Social media provides an opportunity to connect with the audience personally. An excellent way
to nurture your business is to be an active part of social media and give a chance to your business
to strengthen their brand identity and recognition.
Combine the blog posting with social media, and you have yourself a recipe to boost your
ranking on search engines.

Hard to find contact info

Just like a compelling call to action can encourage the decision of the customer, your contact info can make a difference in the purchase decision of a potential customer. A customer is repelled by a business who hides the contact info or if they have to go through a hassle to find a simple number to contact you maximize the opportunity of business sales by minimizing the clicks!

You must make sure to add the contact info in the main navigation of the contact us page. Allow
the users with possible ways to get in touch with your services. Make sure to reply promptly
solidify your relationship with the customers.

5. Not making a mobile friendly website

The introduction of smartphones has changed our preferences and the way we engage with a business. Enhanced screens, powerful processors and faster mobile networks have made browsing possible for the customers from anywhere in the world. A website which cannot be accessed through a mobile phone may be penalized in search engines results. The preferred solution to avoiding being penalized is to use responsive web designs and HTML5 to optimize the main site to be accessed from all devices including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.


When building a website, it is imperative for a business person to consider all the important factors that can help in lead generation and determine the success of a business. From color to layout to fonts and more, it is important that your website is engaging and easy to navigate for the users. Simply put, staying ahead of the curve and adhering to the best practices to build a web design is likely going to help you to stay ahead in your competition.

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