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A Guide for startup: What Design to Choose – Customized or Web Template?

I recently had a visit to Dubai and in short time of span I came back with a lot of memories, but what was the first thing that struck me? While arriving at the airport I saw a sign with the mentions, “welcome to Dubai, happiest city in the world’. Wonder why they claim that, well it’s because Dubai is the land of opportunities and it welcomes people from around the world. Their business infrastructure is massive and it has absorbed giant corporations.

The most growing sector of Dubai is always and perhaps will be the retail sector. A reason why you will find top web design agencies Dubai specifically targeting local retailers because they know the potential of this retail market and the need for web design services is permanent there.

If you are a retailer situated in Dubai and looking for a digital transformation, this post is for you. Because here I have shared a basic guide on how you can choose the right kind of web design services from the agencies in Dubai for your retail business. For a new startup, you need to get through the first stage of web design and that is selecting the website template.

Usually, agencies promote and prefer their already designed templates to customers, but experts always advised otherwise and that is to go with a customized designed template for your website according to the needs and product dynamics.

Let’s have a quick review of the pros and cons of both customized or predefine template websites and find out which design template is more promising.

Predefined Website Template

Advantages of Predefined Website Template

  1. It is a readymade template and hence it takes a short time to develop.
  2. Website templates are always less expensive and stay in budget.
  3. It is easy, convenient and can be made on a simple predefined template.

Disadvantages of Predefined Website Templates

  1. Customization of the website template is a bit tough, as one has to fit the images, content, videos according to the template design.
  2. Website Template conflicts with the company’s customized brand identity and theme in almost every case.
  3. Your website will be count as an ordinary website because it has no uniqueness and templates are commonly used by website developers.
  4. One of the major issues is of poor compatibility of the browser.

Customized Web Design

Advantages of Customized Web Design

  1. Custom web design always stands out from the crowd. Your company’s value, mission and vision syncs in with the customized web design.
  2. Customized Websites are SEO friendly; it helps you get a higher rank on search engines.
  3. You have the complete utilization of the web design agency in terms of designer, developer and content services.
  4. With the help of CMS, It is easier for you to keep the website updated remotely.

Disadvantages of Customized Web Design

  1. It takes a longer time period to get completed as it involved a complex process and customize designing.
  2. It is heavy on your budget and costs more than the predefined web template.

With few disadvantages at its corner, Customized web design is what preferred for a business that involves complexities. It is one-time hardship for the client and once the site is developed its worth it.

To conclude, it is extremely important to calculate the pros and cons of the template and customized websites, because your decision is going to be the difference that will create an impact on your business.

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