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Six Things About WordPress you Should Know

If you intend to develop your site, there are high possibilities that the name “WordPress” would have entered your thoughts.

Furthermore, there is no good reason why it should not.

WordPress is the most adaptable and incredible content management system out there. It facilitates over 30% of all websites on the internet. It is a vast platform; every developer wants to relate to.

With WordPress, you’ll always find the way.

Over 1.3 billion websites are developed, utilizing WordPress. Imagine how powerful it must be.

It holds a reputable position in the market and is developing at a considerably higher pace with time.

It is sure that as innovation develops, WordPress will improve with it.

WordPress is the best site hosting platform that lets you build up a site that isn’t simply quick and easy to use but is also very rich and appealing. Also, customization, according to your necessities, is effortless with WordPress.

The competition is relentless, so you better start the hustle of building up your website on WordPress. Look for WordPress coder & programmers for hire and get in the same.

WordPress is not just a simple CMS that allows you to host a website; It is much more than that.

Below is the list of some fantastic things WordPress site owners enjoy:

The Popularity

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Most websites are powered by WordPress more than any other CMS out there.

WordPress lets you quickly write, publish, and edit content on the web.

Around 50-60% of all websites that use a CMS are built on WordPress. The stats are just amazing.

Not just that, what’s mind-blowing is that there are 17 blogs published every second on WordPress.

So the competition is pretty on point, all you have to do is to hire a WordPress Developer and start with your work.

The Reputation

Some really high profile companies regularly use WordPress.

Blogs like CNN, Forbes, The Reuters, Mashable, The New Yorker, and the Street Journal are all built on WordPress.

WordPress’s other noteworthy brands are Facebook, MTV News, People’s magazine, Hayward business review, and NASA and Vogue.

If reputed companies like these are trusting WordPress, and WordPress is proving to be robust for companies like them. Then it makes us think that WordPress can handle any site.

Not Limited To Just Blogging

WordPress was originally launched as a blogging platform, and with time developers realized it could do much more than that.

Now WordPress is famous for everything, be it e-commerce, communities, or providing online courses. You can just do it all on WordPress.

WordPress is here to cater if you need to build a site for a small business or fabricate a website for a large business. And of course, nothing is better for blogging than WordPress.

Amazing Plug-ins

WordPress provides the website owner, and the developer with a vast number of plug-ins to add a ton of functions and features to their WordPress sites, while simultaneously eliminating the need for coding.

You can extend the standard functionality of WordPress through the amazing plug-ins it offers.

There are both paid and free plug-ins for you to use. These plug-ins are capable of adding any feature into your WordPress site without even performing all the rigorous coding.

Currently, the official WordPress directory has around 45,000 plug-ins that are free of cost for all to use. The numbers are huge, even when they don’t include the premium plug-ins capable of enhancing your site’s functionality.

And if you know PHP, then it’s a plus point for you! You can build up a new plug-in from scratch or even customize a plug-in according to your needs using PHP.

Can Be Used For Intranet Sites Too

WordPress offers thousands of plug-ins capable of extending its functionality to its best.

However, what is unknown to a lot of people is that some plug-ins can also be used to cater to the back-end functionality needs of a company’s website. It is possible to develop issue tracking, customer managing software, and even all-in-one intranets with WordPress.

If you hire someone to work for you, managing all the plug-ins to save up costs would not be a tough task.

Easy To Manage

WordPress sites are conveniently easier to manage than sites built on other CMSs.

It is not just easy to maintain and even easier for managing content.

Since WordPress has been in existence for quite a long time, it is supported by a robust community of developers, and extensive documentation is also available.

So any issue that has just popped up in your mind might have already been experienced by some other developer. So you can always turn to the community base of WordPress, and it will help you out, ensuring you never have to stop the development.

So, if you need to take full advantage of the popular CMS, the one and only, WordPress, start looking for WordPress developers to hire.

Make sure you stay one step ahead in the competitive market. And that is only possible when you have the support of an excellent WordPress developer to guide you through in each step of your website development.

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