Wear Hold Ups to Look Exquisite

You must have heard the word hold up the amazing piece of hosiery which has the elastic or the silicone band that is sewn on the top so that it sits perfectly fine on your upper thigh. You can even say ballerina hold ups or the stay up are sexy just like the stockings. It is used in the summer when you need to stay cool as it offers you a smooth line appearance.

Wearing Hold Ups Stockings

Every girl wants something different to wear for their special night out. If you also want some special outfit for your date night, then Charnos ava hold ups got your back. These hold ups will add a bit of glamour along with sexiness to provide warmth so that this hosiery is the ideal choice for you to wear to look your best.

These hold ups have become very popular among the girls and women, but some girls prefer to use tights over these hold ups. However, after 2017, these hold ups again are trending in the fashion world. If you are thinking about what you should wear nylon hold ups with? Then you don’t have to worry as you can wear it and transform your nice outfit into a sexy one. You can wear the hold ups under your skirt so that the top of the stocking gets covered when you are either standing or sitting. It depends on you how much stockings you want to show, say for example when you are sitting by crossing your legs then you will be showing very little of your stocking.

Thinking about what is the right occasion to wear the Cervin hold ups, then you wear it in your daily life as well during the special occasion. These are most ideal when you want to look sexy during your night outs or during the party. Wearing the hold ups during the romantic evening out will make you look bold and glamorous, and it can be a style statement for you.

How to Put the Hold Ups On?

Some people don’t like wearing hold ups as they are afraid that these hold ups will slip. However, it totally depends on how you are putting the ballerina hold ups on so that there is no issue while wearing them.

  • You don’t have to pull the hold ups as they will stretch the fabric by making them sag, which eventually will cause them to slip. You need to roll the hold ups and then put it on your toes and then unroll it all the way to your thigh.
  • Make sure that your legs are dry at all times as then only hold ups can keep up. You can use talc or the deodorant around the area where the silicone band of hold up sits.
  • You have to avoid using oils and moistures so that your legs can remain dry. As using oils can prevent the silicone from sticking to your skin.
  • You can also use some gels that are there to help you the nylon hold ups to stay put.
  • You need to keep your hold-ups in good order to keep them clean. You can put them in the washing machine just after wearing it. You have to clean and remove the sweats, skin flakes or the body oils from the silicone so that it does not affect its holding ability.

What to Keep in Mind While Buying Hold Ups?

We got to know how to wear hold ups, where to wear them and what they are but you also have to know what to consider while buying them.

  • Purchase that hold ups which have elastic and the silicone bands. Hold ups having elastic bands are good to be used during your bedroom activity.
  • You should buy correct size hold ups so that the band should fit properly and it should not squeeze or pinch or mid-thigh.

Be it your romantic gateway or office get together; you can look glamorous by wearing ballerina hold ups.


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