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Ultimate Guide to Follow While Buying or Packing Through Poly Mailer Bag

Poly mailer bag holds various reasons behind its glorious acceptance. First of all, it is one of the finest ways of expending less on shipping packaging.

Their lower weight is also one of the primary reasons behind their massive popularity. But, it is always advised to go with poly mailer bag from reputed brands only. This is important as those from cheap brands have been found to get torn even with nominal usage.

The level of variation that one can poly mailer bag is simply impossible to be got elsewhere. Among all, stretch film bags are the most flexible and comfortable in nature. These are way lot enduring as well. Those going with bubble wrap lined bags should ensure that it’s tough enough to not get flopped across.

At least one should have the basic thing in mind while using the standard poly mailer bags that it gets thoroughly filled with the stuff bought. As USPS sorting and package shipping is mostly automated, if it is not filled well, the processing requires additional effort making the delivery delayed.

Make sure the product is not fragile

Standard poly mailer bag users should ensure that the product they are buying is not extremely fragile. In such occasions, instead of the standard ones, they should rather opt for those padded options. However, the standard poly mailer bags work well with those not-too fragile in nature.

Make sure that the product fits well

It is highly essential to ensure that the products completely fill the poly mailer bags. Keeping the extensive checking and scanning done, there remains every threat for a loosely packed poly mailer to get troubled by machinery. It thus causes late delivery, and in some occasions, the product might get shipped back.

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It is always advised not to compromise with the brand or quality when it comes to Stretch film bags. In this context, one must check the following aspects to ensure about quality.


The best way to check the strength of the poly mailer bag is to ensure it is thick enough. To be specific, make sure that the bag possesses multiple layers while being manufactured. At the same time, the sealing of the periphery and borders should be checked.

Cheap mailer bags don’t possess too much of layering and are thinner. It would be a smarter idea to ask for samples prior making payments.

Should accommodate the larger stuff well

Convenience indeed matters a lot for making any product popular. When it comes to poly mailer bags, those of tear strip types are highly favoured for the ease it provides. One doesn’t need to make any hole in it. The other option one may opt for is the release liner.

It is the one that the user removes the adhesive over the bag. It’s a great option for those having to pack huge orders at one stretch, and thus want the process to be convenient enough. Irrespective of the kind, the bottom of the bag should be checked well.

In this context, one should have in mind that the gusseted bottoms are the appropriate option, when the products to pack are massive or of large wider size. If the product is not such huge, one may not need the gusseted bottom.

Should be assured from tampering threats

In modern times, the users want to ensure that the procedure associated with product return is simple enough. Poly mailer bags with double peel and seal possess double adhesive. First of all, it is there while packing the order and then it is there for the customers, making it easier for them in case they have to return.

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Undoubtedly, it is much convenient for users. Above all, the poly mailer bags should be assured enough for the user, ensuring it has tampered proof. In other words, it should be ensured that if the packs can’t be opened and then sealed back again prior delivery.

It thus ensures the authenticity of the products within the package as well. Such packaging is equally accomplishing for the concerned seller and delivery service provider as well.

All in all, the best value of money invested in poly mailer bag can be extracted upon following the above tips.

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