Top Mobile App Development Trends to watch out

Smartphones have livened up the environment of us, human beings. It is as if we have awakened from a recent death. There was a time when people were happy with one-on-one conversations. But, with the advent of Whatsapp and Facetime people have forgotten the art of personal conversations. We are seeing more and more people trying to fight for space on virtual platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This is just the beginning. There are lots of other things that are destined to happen in the current year.

In fact, with time, we are going to see mobile app development growing to an extraordinary level. This can only be possible with the help of creative mobile app development services from a reputed mobile app development company. In this blog, we will showcase some of the prominent mobile app development trends that are emerging and continue to evolve as we write in the current year.

The mobile app developers are keeping a closer eye on these trends from the technical perspective. They are trying to stay abreast of the futuristic technology that is going to have a significant impact on the app development process as the days go by.

Let’s now look at some of the top mobile app development trends that are rocking and will continue to roll in the current year.

Artificial Intelligence is the future of mobile app development

Artificial Intelligence

Most of the developers have already experimented their bit in terms of machine learning and deep learning when it comes to developing mobile apps. Some of the live examples of these are apps like FaceApp, Cortana, Replika, Siri, IRIS, and Google Assistant. Deep learning in conjunction with machine learning is the bright future of mobile application development. The reason being, it provides amazing statistics and real-time analytics.

Although AI has become one of the trending topics in recent times, it is essential to know about its features appropriately by learning about its components. For example, chatbots are showing their way in terms of the future of AI technology.

As far as mobile developers are concerned, they can now easily integrate chatbots in apps and websites. In the near future, we will see chatbots working as a virtual assistant communicating like a real person.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be Deployed into More Mobile Apps

As time goes by, we will see more and more mobile apps deploying augmented and virtual reality. With the help of these two, it will become possible to incorporate real-world experience with mobile applications. Pokemon Go is a perfect example when for augmented reality mobile applications. Elements like the sky, trees, and people in the game seem to be existing in the reality which can be seen through the camera. But, in the real world, these elements which can be seen through the device are not present.

5G Technology is the Future of Mobile App Development

The mobility issue that the mobile developers used to face earlier is going to vanish soon. 5G mobile technology will be quite handy when it comes to providing enhanced functionality of mobile apps whether it is augmented reality, speed, 3D gaming, or data security. All these features will be there in mobile applications.

5G technology will vastly have a major impact on all these developments. With this happening, developers expect more users on their mobile app since it will provide better and faster speed than ever before. With the help of features like customized network slices and ultra-low network latency, it would be possible to not only increase the speed but also the responsiveness of the mobile applications.

Instant Apps will Prove to be a Blessing in Disguise for Mobile App Development

Instant mobile apps are getting popular as time goes by. The amazing thing about instant apps is they are not only popular amongst individuals but also amongst mobile app development companies. This is because it assists iOS and Android developers to get much higher conversion rates compared to regular apps.

If we talk about instant apps they are a type of native mobile application. The great news is for using these apps it is not required to download or install on Android iOS enabled smartphone. On top of this, they are quite minuscule in size when compared to regular mobile apps. But, if you are thinking they do not provide the same basic functionalities of the website then you are absolutely wrong. The other significant factor that goes in favor of instant apps is that it delivers an excellent user experience without consuming extra space in your phone’s memory.

Mobile Wallets are the Real Winners as Far as Mobile App Development is Concerned

Mobile Wallets

M-commerce is much more preferred by customers today than ever. The reason being, technologies like IoT and decentralized platforms that have entered into mobile payments. They are providing mobile apps with more safe and secure transaction options.

Reputed brands like Samsung have started to provide mobile wallets. This way, they offer a convenient option for the customers to pay for bills and transactions quite quickly. On top of this, encrypted Samsung mobile wallet apps make sure that the money of the users stays safe from any vulnerabilities like possible thefts. Mobile wallets are in demand right now. The reason being, they provide swift and secured channels for money transactions. A prime example of that is Apple Pay in iOS 11. It is one of the effortless ways to conduct digital transactions through peer-to-peer money payment.


IoT is a Big Trend in the Mobile App Development Field

The Internet of Things has become quite bigger in scale for mobile app development with time. With the help of IoT,  it is possible for the mobile app developers to effortlessly create intuitive platforms to control different non-IT equipment with the help of apps.

Concluding Thoughts

There are millions of mobile apps existing in the Playstore today. With time, it is evident that everyone will fight for a competitive space on the platform. This makes it all the more important for mobile app developers to remain abreast of the current trends of mobile app development. We hope this write-up serves the purpose of providing you with enough updates regarding the top mobile app development trends in the year 2021.

In case you have a fantastic idea about a mobile app and wish to make it go really connect with a professional mobile app development company and make your app stand out in the mobile app market.

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