Top 5 best Reverse Image Search Tools for Photographers

If you are copying content without the consent of the owner, it is counted as plagiarism. The content can be in any form. Image plagiarism is a serious issue with an increasing rate. In simple terms, it is copying an image without proper permission of the owner. It is not a simple process to create images.  

In addition to that, when someone uses the images you have created from the start, your credibility would simply vanish. No one would bother to visit your website and download images. This situation can be prevented if you are using reverse image search tools. Along with prevention of images, you can also use it to find related images.

For instance, consider that you want to find pictures of a scientific exhibition. By creating a reverse image search of the image, you would be able to get your hands on all the images.

The first and most important step is getting your hands on the correct reverse image search tools.

Here are the top 5 you can look at

Prepostseo Reverse image search

You should be sure that the reverse image search tool is worth counting on.  A lot of people only get concerned about whether the tool they are using is free or not. In this way, the quality factor is ignored. This tool is free but is simply amazing in terms of quality.

Everyone prefers a quick reverse image search tool. People want to insert the URL of the image and view all the appearances instantly. Only quality tools can fulfill this requirement. If the development process of the tool is not up to the mark, it would hang while processing or even crash.

This tool does not have any problems. It has a strong and sound technical framework to bank on. Thus, even if you continuously perform several reverse image searches, the tool would produce the outputs without any problems.

Free to use without any hidden terms

Users do get trapped due to tools which apparently seem free but when you start using them, you realize that they have registration charges. These charges are applied when you have used the tool for a certain time duration.

This reverse image tool is completely free and no charges have to be paid whether you use it for one day to one month. These benefits make it suitable for all kinds of users.

Softo Photo Lookup Tool

This is a quality tool which is very easy to use. No need to go through any learning lessons to use it. To view the appearances of an image or find pictures related to it, you need to start with uploading stage.

The uploading of the image can be done by using one of the two options. Either you can provide the image URL or use the file uploading option.

  • This is an online tool which means that no time has to be spent on installing things or downloading applications. If you have a device with an internet connection, you can use this tool without performing any other step. It is hard to find a tool with such convenient options.
  • All the appearances of an image would be shown to you. Hence, it is a helpful option for image owners as well as people seeking related images. There is no need to spend long time spans for viewing the image appearances. This tool is quite fast and based on the uploaded image, all the appearances would be shown to you. Image owners in particular need a quick tool so that they can prevent plagiarism without any delay. Hence, this is definitely a convenient tool for them.

RankWatch Search by Image

When it comes to getting hold of a free reverse image search tool that does not disappoint.  This is a free tool and you can upload the image using one of the two options. For instance, if you have the image saved as a file, upload it.

Similarly, if the image has already been published, enter the URL in the provided text box. After that, click the button to perform reverse image search.

  • The tool is used online and the user does not have to upgrade to a paid version after a using it for a certain time span. For an image owner, it becomes a troublesome situation when he uploads an image and then faces plagiarism problems. If you feel that an image you have created is being uploaded on other websites without your content, use this tool and prevent it. Using this tool, determine a list of websites on which the image has been uploaded.


Tin Eye is a quality tool for reverse image search. It offers free and online usage. You need to begin by entering the URL of the image. After that, the tool would produce a list of all image appearances and related snapshots. Some people look for related images. For instance, you may want to see the images of the latest shoe collection endorsed by a celebrity. With this tool, you can determine all the appearances of the desired image.

SEO Wagon Image Search

This is a recommended tool for users seeking free quality options. Users can upload images using two options. Either you can enter the URL of the image or upload it as a file. After that, the reverse image search process would be executed. This tool is quick which means that the user can save a lot of time.

  • Users prefer online tools so that they do not have to go through any installation procedures. Along with that, online tools can be used on multiple devices without any trouble. This tool can be used effectively by image owners, people searching for related images and several other user types.


Reverse image search is an option offering multiple advantages to users. First of all, if you are an image owner, the first priority for you would be to protect the images from being misused. This is where you need to use a reverse image search tool.

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