Top 3 Mobile Spy Apps of 2021

Picking up the best mobile spy app is very much difficult task (because there are too many of them claiming to be the #1) but, it is not impossible. It requires good online purchase skills that include the ability to sift out shady sites, to have a good all-around look at all the different options, and getting yourself acquainted with a digital product’s online reviews, prices, and the actual functionality.

With that in mind, we have made a list of the best mobile spy apps that you could easily install on a phone to spy on its activities in a high stealth mode.

These mobile spy apps are very much popular particularly among parents and employers, and their ease of use is highly appreciated. These apps will enable you to access the monitored person’s phone from your own laptop or any other device anytime, anywhere. Here are the top 3 mobile spy apps:

  1. Xnspy

A simple yet easy to use mobile spy app for both Android and Apple devices. Xnspy enables its user to access all the data and activities of a particular phone in an undetectable mode.


If you want to monitor an Android or Apple smartphone, Xnspy is the best app to pick. But, before buying, you must ensure the compatibility of the spyware with your target device.

  • Android OS:X up to 9.X
  • Apple iOS:X up to 12.2

Pricing plans

Xnspy proffers its services in two different plans: Basic and Premium.

Basic Xnspy

You can get a basic version of Xnspy by choosing one of the following billing options:

  • Monthly: $29.99/month
  • Quarterly: $41.99/quarter
  • Yearly: $59.99/year


If you want to avail all the advanced features, you can buy a premium version of Xnspy by picking one of the following billing options:

  • Monthly: $35.99/month
  • Quarterly: $59.99/quarter
  • Yearly: $89.99/year


Monitor phone calls and messages: Xnspy enables you to access incoming, outgoing, and missed calls with date, time, and call duration stamps. You can read all sent and received messages on the monitored device. It enables you to create contact watch lists thatget you instant alerts on specific callers. Surprisingly, Xnspy records all the calls from the monitored device automatically, and you can listen to them by downloading the recordedfiles from your web portal anytime. You can also record the surroundings of the phone by remotely accessing the microphone on a device.

Access Instant messenger chats and multimedia: With Xnspy, you can read all instant messages sent/received and shared multimedia files on instant messenger apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Instagram, Kik, Skype, and Tinder.

Track GPS location: If you want to track the location of a mobile device in real time, Xnspy can do this job for you. You can view the current location and even the location history of the mobile phone as soon as it is connected to the internet. Xnspy allows you to create location watch lists using the geofencing technology. It lets you add multiple places to your watch list. Xnspy notifies you whenever the monitored person takes their device in or out of those particular places.

Exclusive actuarial reports: Xnspy collects the most important data and presents it to you in a comprehensive and neat fashion. It develops a list of the top 5 frequent callers, top 5 call durations, and 10 top frequently-visited sites. Additionally, Xnspy shows you a call time activity punch card with details of all calls and their durations for every hour of the day.

Emails and online activities: You can read all sent/received emails from the default mailbox of the monitored phone. Xnspy also enables you to access browsing history and bookmarks on a phone. You can add specific words in a watch list and get an instant alert whenever those words are used in emails. Xnspy also facilitates you with a list of all Wi-Fi connections made on the monitored phone.

View photos and videos: Xnspy gives you access to all the photos, videos, and other multimedia files of the monitored device. You can view all the calendar activities of the device, too.

Remote access:You can remotely access the device from your web control panel. You can lock the device, wipe off data, view installed app lists, and even block the apps remotely. With Xnspy, you can take a live screenshot, too. Xnspy monitors keystrokes from all IM applications.


Mobile spy app users love Xnspy for its reasonable price, extensive device compatibility, and advanced features. There are plenteous reviews from customers on different reviewing sites like SiteJabber and Trustpilot and majority of them have appreciated Xnspy’s top-notch customer support.

Here is a review of Xnspy, posted by one of the customers:

“You guys deserve this review from me. My kids’ cell phone addiction and their extremely private behavior was disturbing for us. I have to say that Xnspy was the only solution that worked for me to curb their haunting digital routines.” – Jeannine Casper

How to install

  • Ensure the compatibility of the monitored device.
  • Buy a subscription plan.
  • Download Xnspy from the link sent to you via email.
  • For iOS devices, you will need the iCloud credentials of the monitored device.
  • Log in to your Xnspy web portal to access just about everything on the phone you want to spy.

Top 3 Mobile Spy Apps of 2021

  1. Flexispy

The second pick on our best mobile spy app list is FlexiSPY that comes with tons of advanced features and a jaw-dropping price tag.


FlexiSPY works on devices running either Android OS or iOS. It is compatible with the following OS versions only:

  • Android 4.0.3 up to Android 9.0
  • Apple iOS:
  • All versions up to 9.1
  • iOS 9.2 – 11.4.1 supports tethered mode only

Pricing plans

FlexiSPY has two pricing plans for its customers: Premium and Extreme. Flexispy tops the list for the most expensive spyware but, we can’t say the same about its performance.

Premium version

With a Premium version of FlexiSPY, you can get all the basic features of the app. There are three different billing options available:

  • Monthly: $68/month
  • Quarterly: $99/quarter
  • Yearly: $149/year
  • Extreme version

You can avail all the advanced features to spy on a mobile phone for:

  • Quarterly: $199/quarter
  • Yearly: $349/year


Monitor phone calls and messages: FlexiSPY offers calls and messages monitoring. It also allows you to record a phone call by sending SMS commands. By making a fake spy call, you can even record the surroundings of the device. FlexiSPY has a unique feature of Spoof SMS that lets you send an invisible SMS from the monitored phone to any contact. You can also receive instant alerts on specific caller IDs.

Monitor social media platforms: If you want to read chats, listen to phone calls, or view multimedia files shared on social media platforms, FlexiSPY can do this task for you. WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Hangout, Viber, Skype, and many other social media platforms can be spied on using FlexiSpy’s stealth mode. It also develops a keystroke log for you from various different apps.

View multimedia files: Photos, videos, and other multimedia files saved on the monitored mobile phone are easily accessible through your FlexiSpy’s control panel.

Emails and browsing history: If you want to read your employees’ sent/received emails or you want to track their digital footprints, all you need is FlexiSPY. It can provide you browsing history even if the user has deleted it. You can view all the bookmarks, too.

Remote access: FlexiSPY offers some highly advanced remote features. With RemCam and RemVid features, you can access the camera of the monitored device remotely to take pictures or record videos. You can also restart the device, install the software, and even deactivate the software on the monitored mobile remotely.


FlexiSPY offers a variety of advanced features but, itit’s exorbitantly priced. Unlike Xnspy, itis not famed among parents. It is commonly used by employers as large-scale companies can, of course, afford FlexiSPY.

One of FlexiSPY’s customers has reviewed:

“My reason was employee monitoring. I had been experiencing downtime and low productivity in employees’ use of company devices. Flexispy helped me a lot in making sure I know what the employee was doing on the work device. My most favorite feature is SMS and call tracking. I was able to see if work airtime was being used for work related purposes. Although connectivity was an issues (nothing to do with Flexispy) the product is great and it allows companies to monitor their employee device.” – Ken

How to install

  • Purchase FlexiSPY by choosing one of their subscription plans.
  • Get the target iOS or Android device physically in your hand.
  • Download the app from the available link on the FlexiSpy’s website.
  • Log in to your online portal to view all the information fetched from the monitored device.
  1. mSpy

If you are looking for a powerful monitoring tool for parental control, mSpy is the best option. It offers advanced parental control features at a reasonable price as compared to FlexiSPY. But, it doesn’t offer advanced remote controls like Xnspy.


You can use mSpy to monitor a mobile device running one of the below mentioned OS versions:

  • Android OS:0 – 9.0
  • Apple iOS:7 – 8.4; 9.0 – 9.1

Pricing plans

mSpy offers two mobile spy versions: Basic and Premium.

  • Basic mSpy Version:

mSpy offers a basic version presented with some selective elementary features.

  • Monthly: $29.99/month
  • Premium mSpy Version:

To get all the advanced features offered by this spyware, you can buy mSpy’s Premium version. Here are the offered billing options:

  • Monthly: $69.99/month
  • Quarterly: $119.99/quarter
  • Yearly: $199.99/year


Manage calls: With mSpy, you can view call logs of the monitored device. Additionally, it lets you block the incoming calls from specific caller IDs.

Track text messages: You can read all sent/received messages by simply logging in to your web-based control panel of mSpy.

Track messaging apps: Like other mobile spy apps, mSpy tracks all the chats, calls, and multimedia files shared on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, Skype, and many more.

Track location: Do you want to track the whereabouts of your kid in real time? If yes, then mSpy has the best offer for you. It also facilitates you with geofencing technology so that you can set safe boundaries for your kids. Every time your child breaches virtual barriers, mSpy notifies you instantly.

Apps and Programs: You can’t only view the list of installed apps on your kids’ phone but also block applications of your choice.

Keylogger: Use mSpyKeylogger to monitor every stroke on your kid`s mobile device. You can prevent communication with potentially dangerous strangers and bullies.

Monitor internet activity: Browsing history, bookmarks, and Wi-Fi network logs, everything is accessible from your web portal. mSpy also lets you remotely lock the websites you find inappropriate for your kid.

Remote access: It doesn’t offer advanced remote controls. You can only view basic information of the device including battery and connectivity information.


When we talk about performance, mSpy is doing quite well with a variety of advanced parental monitoring features. However, the customers have tagged its web portal as a tricky one asthe customer reviews show that mSpy isn’t much user-friendly app. Overall, its performance is satisfactory to make it to our list as the third best mobile spy app.

Here is what a customer has to say about mSpy:

“Had a bit of a rough time in installing the software at first, not knowing exactly how to play with the phone toggle in order to allow download and stuff. Alex Montag from Live Chat Support was so extremely helpful and got me through the installation process in such a smooth way, I almost felt ashamed of not being able to do it myself!” – John Smith

How to install

  • Buy a subscription plan.
  • You need physical access to the device. For iPhone devices, you need the iCloud credentials.
  • Download the app by clicking on the link to the Control Panel within the confirmation email from mSpy.
  • Enter the registration code given in the confirmation email.
  • Log in to your web portal to get access to the phone you want to monitor.


When it comes to phone monitoring or spying apps, there are dozens to choose from, but only a few have the right feature mix, price, and customer support to make them worth more than a hasty look. Xnspy is the best mobile spy app in the market. It is easy to install, simple to set up, gives access to almost everything on the monitored device, and offers all this at a quite reasonable price. So, which one is your pick? Let us know in the comments; we would love to hear from you!


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