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The 7 Best Board Games For Your First Apartment Party

You just moved into your new apartment. Everything is unpacked, every room is decorated just how you like, and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy it.

But there’s still one thing you need to do:

Have a party!

If you’re getting ready to plan a housewarming party, there are some things you’ll need. But there’s more to throwing a party than stocking up on drinks and snacks. You’ll also want to keep your guests entertained.

And one way to do that is to play games.

Not sure which ones to get? Here are the seven best board games for your first apartment party.

Cards Against Humanity

Technically, Cards Against Humanity is a card game, not a board game. But it’s so much fun to play that we couldn’t include it in this list. It’s usually best when played with six to eight people.

This game consists of a series of white cards with “answers” and black cards with questions or fill-in-the-blank statements. Everyone gets ten white cards to start, and then a designated person reveals the black cards one at a time.

The point is to pick the funniest or strangest answer (from your white cards) to pair with the question on the black card.

The statements include some offensive language, making for some pretty funny question-and-answer pairings.

This is the kind of game that can be very brief or can go on for hours. You can play a single round or ten in a row. It’s totally up to you!


Taboo has been around for years, and it’s always good for a laugh. You’ll need teams of at least two people (or you can make your teams as large as you like).

One person draws a card and has to describe the item on their card to their teammates without using any of the “taboo” words listed on the card. Someone from the other team keeps an eye on the card to make sure they don’t use any of the taboo words.

Taboo is even more fun when you pick teams randomly. Don’t let couples or best friends team up (they’ll have all sorts of inside jokes and an advantage over the other teams).

Instead, draw names from a hat. It’s more challenging when you don’t know the people on your team that well.

This game is a great icebreaker for parties, a good way to get people who don’t know each other to interact, and an easy game to get everyone involved in. If you want to make it a bit edgier, try Midnight Taboo for an adults-only crowd.

Taboo is the perfect party game. You can play it with as few as four people or as many people as you like!


If you’ve ever thought it might be cool to be a spy, Codenames is the game for you. Played in teams, this game is designed for groups of four or more. The more players you have, the larger your two teams will be.

Here’s how it works:

Each team designates a spymaster. There is a series of words (or codenames) that belong to each team, but only the spymasters know which words belong to which team. The spymaster has to give one-word clues to get their team to guess which codenames are theirs.

The object is to guess all of your team’s codenames without guessing ones that belong to the other team.

It takes a bit of skill to give good clues, so choose your spymaster wisely!

This is the kind of game that just about anyone can have fun playing. The average game only takes about 30 minutes, so it’s perfect for people who don’t have a long enough attention span to play Monopoly, Catan, or Risk.


Scrabble is one of those games you either love or hate. But if your party consists of a lot of friends that like to read, write, or show how smart they are, it’s a perfect choice.

In this one of the classic board games, each player chooses random letters and has to create words in crossword-puzzle fashion on the board.

It’s always fun watching someone struggle to come up with a word when they have no vowels, and it can get super competitive. Some people take Scrabble very seriously.

You can play with up to four people, so it’s not a great game for large crowds, but it’s a good one for small parties and intimate gatherings.

If your guests are drinking while playing, it can actually get pretty funny. The more drinks that players toss back, the more trouble they’ll have coming up with words.

Wits & Wagers

If your friends are trivia buffs or gamblers, they’ll love Wits & Wagers.

This is a classic trivia game, but with a twist. Instead of simply answering trivia questions, you actually have to make bets on each other’s answers.

You can bet on your own guess if you’re confident in your answer, or you can bet on a friend if you think they’ve gotten it right. Even if you’re not good at trivia, you can still win by placing the most correct bets.

This is a great game for teams. You can play with as many teams as you want and have as many players on each team as you’d like.


In Scattergories, every player gets the same list of categories, and you have to come up with words that fall under that category.

The categories are usually common things such as “Boy’s name” or “Country” or “Television Show.” Someone rolls the dice to choose a letter, and then you need to come up with answers that start with that letter for every category on the list.

The rules are simple, it takes only seconds to explain the rules, and it can be played with as many people as you like. You’ll have a limited amount of time to fill in your list, so you have to be quick-witted to win.

The categories are broad, making it one of the best board games that anyone can enjoy!

The Game of Life

The Game of Life is a classic. Spin the wheel, move along spaces on the board, and try to reach the end. The person who finishes the game with the most amount of wealth wins.

It requires some decision making, but for the most part, you just have to follow the instructions on the space where you land.

Throughout the game, you can buy a house, purchase stocks, and make other life-changing decisions. Similar to Monopoly, it’s all about how much money you end the game with.

Other Classic Board Games That You Can Play (With the Right Crowd)

There are hundreds of games out there that are perfect for playing at parties, including two well-known classics: Monopoly and Clue. If you choose to play one of these classic games, make it interesting by picking up a special edition or a unique version.

Instead of classic Clue, pick up The Walking Dead edition or the Game of Thrones edition.

In the mood for Monopoly? Try the Star Wars or Stranger Things versions to add a unique spin.


Want your guests and friends to have a blast at your next apartment party? Get a few board games, pull them out when the time seems right, and get competitive.

Drinking and eating might be the main events of the night, but it’s always a good idea to have some entertainment for your guests!

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