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What Are The Most Technological Advanced Dry Herb Vaporizers?

Over the course of the last decade, dry herb vaporizers have grown from a niche hobby amongst 420 enthusiasts to the de facto way to enjoy herbal blends.

The amount of money in the vaping industry has triggered an arms race between the biggest brands. Flagship devices are currently competing with each other to cram the most technologically advanced features into their devices.

But which are the most technologically advanced? We list our favourite vaporizers below :

The Mighty

The Mighty is Storz & Bickel’s flagship vaporizer and despite being a few years old, is still one of the best vaporizers money can buy. It frequently tops ‘best vaporizer’ lists due to its immense power and its unique ability to provide a desktop vaping experience despite being a portable device.

It is the go-to vaporizer for true vaping enthusiasts.

What Makes the Mighty so advanced?

The Mighty’s oven boasts hybrid heating technology. Typically, a herb vaporizer will have an oven that is powered either by conduction or convection heating. However, both these methods have their disadvantages. Whilst powerful, conduction ovens are often inefficient and do not evenly heat the contents on the oven. Convection vaporizers work by creating an atmosphere of hot air and as such, heat evenly, however, they can be very slow to heat up.

The Mighty implements hybrid heating to take advantage of the strengths of both conduction and convection whilst eliminating the disadvantages. As a result, The Mighty generates thick plumes of smoke very quickly whilst ensuring that all herbs are efficiently heating and nothing goes to waste!

 Pax 3

Pax Labs quite possibly design the best-looking vaporizers in the world and their latest model, the Pax 3 is no different. It looks less like a vaporizer and more of a fashion accessory. Further to this, it is tiny too; perfect for the discreet vaper.

What makes the Pax 3 so advanced?

Being able to control the temperature on a vaporizer is a feature expected on vaporizers of any cost.

However, the Pax 3 turns the degree of control up a notch but empowering its users with the ability to change vaping mode.

There are four vaping modes on offer: stealth, efficiency, boost and flavor.

  1. Stealth dims the lights on the Pax and limits the clouds so it’s great if you want do not want to draw attention to yourself.
  2. Efficiency increases the temperature incrementally to maximize the mileage of your herbs.
  3. Boost reaches high temperatures very quickly so you can complete a session in minutes; vital if you are a medical user and micro-dose throughout the day.
  4. Flavor prioritizes low temperatures over cloud production so the user can taste each individual nuance of their herbs.

The Crafty

The Crafty represents the second entry from Storz & Bickel in this list which is a testament to the care and attention they place in the design of their devices. Despite being half the size of the Mighty, The Crafty manages to share most of the features of its bigger brother and then add some more. A great choice for someone who vapes on the go.

What makes The Crafty so advanced?

The Crafty is the first Storz & Bickel product to launch with an app. The application can be downloaded for both iOS and Android and allows you to control the vaping device from your mobile phone.

The app provides a greater degree of control over The Crafty than using it manually and allows to change temperature settings, check battery life and set precise temperature controls.

Hybrid X

These days, most vaporizers will vape more than one kind of material. However, they will typically be very good with herbs or liquid. The Flowermate Hybrid X vapes literally anything with no sacrifice. It is a great choice for true connoisseurs.

 What makes the Flowermate Hybrid so advanced?

The Flowermate Hybrid X is quite possibly the most diverse vaporizer of this generation. It vapes herbs, oils, wax and e liquids equally well.

Essentially, the Hybrid is two vaporizers squeezed into one sleek device. On one end is the dry herb oven and if you turn it upside down there is a hole where you can attach a full E-liquid mod cap – it really is ingenious!

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