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The Symbolism of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

The Symbolism of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

If there is one thing on which it is better not to deceive, it is indeed the jewelry that will adorn your hand for the rest of your life! That’s why it’s important to learn about symbols, the different choices available to you, but also the trends. In this way, you will avoid missteps.

The tradition of the engagement ring

The engagement allows introducing the two families to each other if they do not know each other, and are also the occasion, for the future married, to exchange gifts. The Roman tradition required that the girl receive a ring of iron or gold adorned with a stone, which she passed on the ring finger. In some families, it is the parents of the fiancé who offer the ring to their future daughter-in-law, sometimes by having it made from old jewelry. Mademoiselle must also offer a valuable gift to her future husband: watch, wallet, cufflinks … The ultimate trend today is to offer a ring to his fiancé.

The choice of stone

For an engagement ring, the gemstone is often the most appreciated, but it is also the most expensive! A ring adorned with stone costs on average between 1 800 and 5 000 €. The diamond, a symbol of purity, is timeless and goes well with any outfit. Other stones can be mounted with diamond or alone: ​​the ruby, oriental stone par excellence, symbol of mutual love; sapphire for wisdom and peace of soul; the emerald, stone of lovers among Egyptians, which means sincere love … We can also assemble semi-precious stones, such as agate, amethyst, topaz, lapis lazuli or malachite. The bride can also prefer the pearl, a sign of discreet sophistication.


The choice of the stone is loaded with meanings, so gentlemen, and watch out! Whether you are preparing to make your marriage proposal to the chosen one of your heart, or that it has already accepted, you want to offer him a ring that suits him and reflects what in it has seduced you. She is sweet and romantic? Sapphire is his stone. She’s passionate, ready to ignite at any moment? Give him a ruby! Mysterious, it’s hard to know what’s behind her head. Choose for her the ambiguity of the emerald.

The symbolism of Rings

Did you know that in ancient times, young couples traded rings to symbolize their commitment?

It is no coincidence that the ring was associated with this strong promise of commitment. Indeed, its circular shape symbolizes both harmony and eternity. The exchange of rings, initially symbolic, quickly appeared as a ritual during wedding ceremonies. To strengthen its symbolism and strengthen the emblem of strength and eternity, it was very quickly fashioned in noble materials such as gold or silver and not iron as it was often the case before.


In its original sense, the term “alliance” refers to the idea of ​​an agreement between two parties. The exchange of rings symbolizing an alliance between 2 beings, it is very logically that the word “ring” gave way to the word “alliance”, stronger symbolically.


Legends and beliefs about the wearing of the covenant are legions throughout the world and times. But we often remember the famous Egyptian legend of “Vena Amoris” (“vein of love”). According to her, the alliance must be worn on the left annular, because this finger would be on the path of the “vein of love”, vein connecting the ring finger to the heart. Strong of all these symbolic, the alliance is today a jewel particularly appreciated by the jewelers, who never stop to revisit it. The challenge is to keep the purity and the symbolism while proposing diverse and original creations so that everyone can find happiness …


What’s more romantic than a loner to declare his love? A little forgotten lately, the loner marks his return thanks to the talent of creative jewelers, who never tire of varying the shapes of this mythical jewel. Diamonds are not within the range of your purse? Do you want a unique jewel that looks like you? The Online Jeweler allows you to create your own ring, at prices 20 to 40% lower than the market, because the house is aimed directly at diamond manufacturers.


Do you know what makes the quality and value of a diamond? To learn more about the “4 C” (color, size, clarity and carat weight) and to know all the secrets of diamond you can find all the information on the internet. You can put your knowledge to good use by then designing your own jewel in the creative workshop.

Other timeless, Parisian rush: for more than a century, it is the model most solicited by the bride and groom. Still, today mostly cut in yellow gold, flat inside and rounded on the surface, it combines comfort with refinement, solidity with the purification. What better than sobriety to symbolize the eternity of your love?

Alliances and rings: trends

The alliances are unleashed! The rings intertwine, are superimposed, take the form of hearts, squares, waves … For wedding dresses, the colors are exhibited, in the first place yellow and red. As for the engagement rings, they are adorned with colored and patterned stones: flowers, little hearts, or other more improbable shapes: spirals, geometric shapes … Exuberance is the order of the day!

The future spouses are more and more numerous to adorn themselves with platinum. This material combines several advantages: ecological, hypoallergenic, it does not tarnish over time. Its purity and its permanent brightness make it a jewel in the image of your union. Decorated with colored stones or allied with yellow gold, the platinum ring is available for all tastes.

This metal 30 times rarer than gold adorns the fingers of the stars: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have succumbed, as well as Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban or Katie Holmes and Tome Cruise. Want to join the big leagues and shine forever? You know what you have left to do…

Because there is no reason that you do not perfectly match the day of your wedding as the rest of your life, alliances are a duet. Whether you choose the simplicity of the ring or the extravagance of interlaced or chiseled alliances, the choice is wide and punctuates according to the tastes of each spouse: for the same model, some diamonds set for Madame, a ring a little thicker for Monsieur, and you have found the right balance between your love of fusion and the expression of your personality! Another form of a duet, the agreement between the engagement ring and the alliance.

Salons, private sales: luxury at your fingertips

This alliance makes you dream, but you cannot offer it? If your wallet is not up to your taste, rush into the living rooms of the wedding. Jewelers and jewelers break prices and can offer discounts of up to 30%. Do not hesitate to negotiate and ask for a discount in the shop if your size is not available at the show.

Remember to surf on private sales sites, likely to offer high-quality jewelry at unbeatable prices.

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