Stuff You Definitly Need In Organized Kitchen

Why should you have an Organized Kitchen?

Well, your kitchen is the busiest area in your house; its function is not just limited in preparing the meal. It’s also a place to socialize with your family or even guests. You need to make it presentable and organized to be a delight to everyones eyes.

An organized kitchen simply shows how organized you are and shows that you care about making people feel comfortable!It also reflects your overall organization skills on the rest of the house.

With this in mind, if you need help when it comes to organize your kitchen, we just collected some of the tips that can keep the arrangement of your kitchen more convenient and efficient for you and your family. Let’s check them out!

20 Tips for an Organized Kitchen

  1. Empty your cabinets and examine the things that you no longer need. Consider donating or discarding the things that you do not necessarily utilize or the things that are already broken. If you have duplicated items, discard them as they will just take up space in your storage area.
  2. Place the similar items in one cabinet to keep everything in the same space. For example your bakeware should be all located in one place.
  3.  The cooking equipments should be placed near your cooking area so you can easily reach these  equipments when you’re preparing your meals.
  4. Use containers that are in a similar size when storing condiments such as salt, sugar, pepper and others.
  5. Discard all the containers with a missing lid. Your containers should be kept in a transparent plastic in order to make them look more presentable.
  6. If you want to free a large space in your cabinet, you should try placing a hook under the cabinet so you can hang different utensils which will save you a ton of needed space!
  7. Placing a Lazy Susan inside your refrigerator can also help you! You must have a clean and organized refrigerator too!
  8.  Consider placing dividers and shelves on your storage so you can make a better use of your storage space.
  9. The papers that you use on your kitchen such as notes, recipes, pens and notepad should have a distinct spot in the kitchen.
  10. Your refrigerator should only incorporate the latest fresh items. Any product that is more than 2 weeks old should be discarded.
  11. The essential tools should be placed in a place that is easy to access making the food preparation a lot easier for you.
  12. Plastic containers are the easiest kitchen items that you can store. Place these plastic cups, plastic plate, and others in one cabinet inside of each other.
  13. Collect all the lids of your pans and pots and stack them neatly on a rack.
  14. By installing a sliding kitchen organizer in your cabinet, you will be able to easily reach at the back of the cabinet while keeping an rganized kitchen.
  15. Place all your cutlery on a cutlery holder to save space on your drawers.
  16. Utilize the space under the cabinet by placing rod where you may hang the towels for the kitchen.
  17. Having kitchenware with similar colors and shapes can make your kitchen look more organized.
  18. Use a basket on the open shelf. A rattan basket would be highly recommended.
  19.  See-through containers should be used when storing your snacks and food.
  20. A Retractable Stand is a perfect way to store your recipe book. Consider installing it below the cabinets.

Stuff You Definitly Need In Your Kitchen

Stuff You Definitly Need In Organized Kitchen

Let’s Talk About Your Kitchen!

Like human beings that live in them, houses also evolve.  We get better with the addition of various tools or implements that make life easier for you. A door, for example, can evolve into a door with a doggie door. While the change may be “small”, it makes the life of your dog much easier. But what about an upgrade on your kitchen?

So let’s talk about your kitchen. How has your kitchen evolved during the past few months or years? Have you seen considerable change in the tools you have or the features in your kitchen?

If your face is turning into a frown then don’t despair. A lot of people are having problems with their kitchen.

Upgrading your Kitchen

It’s not big but upgrading one’s kitchen can really improve your or your family’s quality of life. It might result in a dent in your budget but if it means easier preparation for better meals then it will be a worthwhile investment.

But before you take down any walls or replace your sink. Check out these clever and ingenious items that you might want to add to your renovated kitchen. Most of them are not necessary but if you have the space and the budget, they can make your kitchen work better.

Consider putting up a pull-out cutting board.

Say goodbye to constantly looking for that good cutting board you like. Add a pull-out cutting board and you will know where it is whenever you need it. Add a trash bin alongside the cutting board so cleaning up will be easier as well.

Check if you have space to put a pull out table from the kitchen island.

This will add more countertop space for you and your family. No more hitting elbows with your sister-in-law who came over to help you bake treats for the kids.

Have you ever noticed how the corners of your kitchen counter seem to be useless?

Well, why not turn them into drawers and truly maximize the space you have. They are perfect for those items you don’t need all the time but should always be handy when you do.

A pull out cabinet complete with all the stuff you need to clean up can also be a good upgrade for your kitchen.

It should have your trash bins, cleaning materials, and other stuff for cleaning that shouldn’t be mixed in with the food items/utensils.

It seems like everything nowadays is all about pull outs so let’s add another one to the list.

A pull-out kitchen block seems to be a good addition to a family’s kitchen. With the option to lock it up, you can be sure all your sharp knives will be out of the children’s reach.

Lastly, it’s fairly common for kitchen lovers to still lose track of the right spice even if we have a spice drawer.

To combat this, add a custom spice drawer insert that will allows you to see the names of the spices inside their corresponding containers. Some custom inserts allow you to alphabetize them to make spice hunting even easier.

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