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Stuck at Home but Want to Travel? Try These at Home to Have a Fun Experience Instead 

Travelling. Something many of us have missed the last year and a half. Of course, being stuck at home does not mean we cannot have some fun – and even recreate some of the experiences we are missing out on. Here are some places we want to go and how we are recreating some of the experiences they offer at home (or nearby outdoors).

Las Vegas Casino Experience at Home

For many, Las Vegas is all about betting on sports. But you do not need to go to Las Vegas to get amazing sports betting experience. You just need to check out online sportsbooks, such as Bovada, turn on your favourite sporting events and bet away. For added effect, use as many screens as possible (extra televisions, laptops, whatever is lying around) to play as many sporting events at once as possible.

Munich Oktoberfest Experience at Home

Oktoberfest is about two things – beer and pretzels. Why not take this opportunity and learn how to make pretzel bread at home? Pair your freshly made bread with an assortment of German pilsners (look for higher alcohol percentages as they often serve stronger versions at beer at the festival), and bam, it is like Oktoberfest in your kitchen.

New York New Yorker Experience at Home

New York is easy to visit at home, thanks to all the virtual tours now available. To add to the experience, consider watching a performance of a Broadway show and catching the New York Yankees (against the Boston Red Sox). New York-style pizza is a must for this one – but where you put it in your day is up to you.

Paris Fashion Week Experience at Home

If you and your friends have lots of clothes lying around, even stuff you barely wear – grab it all and head to whoever’s house has the longest hallway. Get out your phones or even a polaroid camera and take turns recreating classic looks or making your own combinations when walking down the hallway. Add in some cocktail French cocktails (or wine) and cuisine for added effect.

Northern India Yoga Experience at Home

Get the yoga mat out in your living room, balcony, front yard – wherever you have space and practise yoga similar to how it is done in its place of origin. Connect with your inner self and have a pleasant and relaxing day. End your day with some of North India’s most mouth-watering dishes, such as Chloe Bhature and Rogan Josh.

Tokyo Olympic Experience at Home

Head to the park with your more competitive group of friends. Bring as much sporting equipment as possible and spend a day competing in every event you can organize and fit into the day. The more people you have, the more possibilities you can do. Top it all off with your favourite Japanese cuisine and a night of Japanese culture at home.

Disney World Experience at Home

First, you need to all get costumes of your favourite Disney cartoons. Then you all get together dressed as your favourite characters and take pictures. Follow it up with theme park snacks and a marathon of your favourite Disney. If you want to make things a little more adult, throw some wine and Disney karaoke to end the night.

Lapland Finland Sauna Experience at Home

Everyone knows that Finnish people love their saunas. There is one sauna in the country for every three people. Outside of Finland, enjoying a nice sweat in a sauna is a rarity. A few people have them in their homes. If you want to get the experience without leaving your home, you can do the following. Turn your shower to max, light some candles, and lay a towel by your door. It will fill up with steam and be your own little at-home sauna.

Where would you like to go next, and do you have any idea of how to experience your favourite places at home? Let us know in the comment section below.

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