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How Real Estate Agents win more Leads in Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place for the people who are in real estate; it perfectly shows off the photos of the property and virtual tours to generate leads and builds a good customer base for a realtor. Your current followers maybe the people who you have already sold a home; therefore, it is crucial for you to consistently grow the following on Instagram.

If you want to know what will be an effective way to show off the listing and the best tips for lead generation and what to post and what accounts to follow as inspiration, then you’ve landed on the right page.  Read on the article to know how to win more sales and stay ahead from the competitors.

What features are perfect for your real estate business

Social media is mandatory for your business growth but what are the top features you should utilize on Instagram. Your Instagram should have diverse and beautiful posts and photos. Instagram keeps rolling out new features; the new feature is IGTV that enables you to record long videos. The IGTV videos appear on bottom of your bio and top of the posts; you should use this feature for the virtual tours. It is an excellent opportunity for realtors since you can integrate it with Instagram and don’t have to build more following on other social media platforms.

Using IGTV for the virtual tours of the property

Many of your clients neither have time to drive to the property nor touring it. Posting virtual tours can save their as well your time. However, you should follow some steps to make the IGTV videos professional.

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First things first; whenever you start with the IGTV, introduce yourself briefly so the audience can get to know about you. The purpose of the video is for clients to see the property. Make sure to keep the video as steady as possible. You should start on outside and gradually walk in and then walk up the front door so that they can see the exterior of the home.

While making the video, you can highlight some prominent and good points or any bonus feature about the property. You should view yourself as an expert in front of your potential clients. Therefore, highlight the following things:

  • Take some time out and answer frequently asked question
  • Show neighborhood around the listing.

Use Instagram highlights

Instagram highlights enable you to keep the stories for as long as you want in your profile. We recommend having at least one Instagram highlight saved on your profile. It should be about you or consider choosing a GIF, photo or meme to tell your followers more about your personality.

Take advantage of the location feature

As a real estate agent, you should take benefit of it and use this to tag your city. Tagging location increases the discoverability as users are more likely to search the businesses or services they need by location or city tags. Make sure to tag that specific location where the property is located.

Use Instagram’s multi-photo feature

The Instagram multi-photo feature is an excellent initiative for the businesses. It enables you to use ten photos as one post. It is indeed an ideal feature for the real estate agent to showcase each room, backyard and exterior features flawlessly. This compilation will give a better insight into the property. Make sure to use wide-angle shot of the dining room or any other part of the home that cannot be covered in the virtual videos.

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We recommend you to share the posts on Facebook and other platforms to maximize the reach. If you have not enough time to organically expand the audience, you can buy Instagram followers UK to give a quick boost to the profile.

Run targeted ads

It is essential for you to reach the right audience through your real estate Instagram. Boost ‘About me’ or listing post to get better exposure. You can boost posts or run ads only when you have a business account. If you have a personal account, make sure to create a business account in order to create a separate and professional account for the business. A business account allows to track insights from the ads to beef up the existing ad campaigns. Make sure your ad reaches to maximum people as more the people watch your video, more significant are the chances they will take action.

Use user-generated content

User-generated content is an excellent and convenient way to increase brand visibility and engagement. You must have engaging audience. If your users neither read nor engage, it is pointless for you to have an account. People are more likely to interact with your service when they see other people like comment or interact with you. User-generated content is more powerful than any other medium because it gives authenticity that people have used and experienced your services.

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