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Rankedy: Features, Pricing and Reviews

Rankedy is the most comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) toolkit that helps websites to increase their rankings on search engines. There are different SEO tools available in the market for different use cases but Rankedy solves the problem by offering easy to use services in a single window application. Moreover, Rankedy pricing is also competitive. It defines itself as:

“The Goto SEO Software that alerts you about every single opportunity to rank on top of Search Results.”

Rankedy can immediately automate your SEO Workflow as well as identify factors that are responsible for your website’s ranking, and also suggest improvements through Artificial Intelligence. It uses the help of ranking factors rated by more than 3 million websites.

It offers a lot of features to increase your SEO rankings and allows clients to track the rankings when it is active. Rankedy performs much more than standard Search Engine Optimisation as it performs content optimization, building links within the same platform as well as performing content optimization.


Rank journal is one of the most popular features in Rankedy which integrates all SEO activities together to check its impact in real time. It also offers advanced research tools such as domain and page analysis, rank tracker,long-tail and short-tail keyword ideas, competitor links, rank tracker and other such tools.

This actually helps clients view everything on a single window and leads to making better decisions that would enhance their website’s SEO rankings. The interface is very user-friendly and very little or minor learning curve is needed to start. Rankedy promises its users that by using its toolkit they would save more than hundreds of man hours and money spent on SEO writers and digital marketers.

Some of the Seo software features of Rankedy are 

  • Auditing – Evaluates the search engine friendliness of your website using a lot of tools.
  • Dashboard- This feature provides a digital insight of reports in a single window.
  • Link Management- Provides a Simple and effective way to manage all links.
  • User Management – Multiple users can access thus providing integrative and collaborative features.
  • Competitor Analysis –  Analyses all its competitors’ strategies and strengths thus helping clients to make an informed decision.
  • Rank Tracking – Designed to track rankings of your website for various keywords.
  • Google Analytics Integration – Helps you to understand and track your website’s traffic.
  • Content Management –  Helps to configure and customize your contents to make it user-friendly.
  • Keyword Tracking – Helps in tracking most searched keywords according to the content of your website.
  • Revenue Management – Professional help to manage your revenue to ensure future growth for your business.


Rankedy offers a 14-day free trial from where you can test some of the features before paying for all its features. It gives a live demo of its features to all its users. Rankedy pricing starts at $1. There are four different plans available with Lite being the cheapest at $1, then comes Standard for $49 per month,Advanced at $150 per month and Enterprise for $349 per month.

The Lite version pricing is $1 for the first month but $10 from the next month onwards. It allows SEO optimization of only one website with page crawling of 50 pages along with page and domain analysis. It offers the provision of 10 backlinks- one time only with rank tracking of 10 keywords. It also provides monitoring of 1URL  account manager support whose response is within 24 hours.

The Standard version is fixed at $49 per month. It scans and optimizes thousands of webpages. It allows SEO optimization of five websites with 1000 pages crawled per website along with page and domain analysis. It offers the provision of 30 backlinks every month with rank tracking of 50 keywords and there is an additional provision of proving keyword trends. It also provides monitoring of 10 URLs along with a fast response from the account manager.

The Advanced plan is fixed at $150 and it provides all the features included in the Standard version. Additional features include SEO optimization of 50 websites with 10000 pages crawled per website along with page and domain analysis. It offers the provision of 80 backlinks every month with rank tracking of 200 keywords and there is an additional provision of competitor analysis. It also provides monitoring of 100 URLs along with providing 50 keyword trends per month.

The Enterprise plan is fixed at $349 per month and is suited for large publishers. It includes all the features of the Advanced Plan along with 200 websites can be Seo optimised with 25,000 pages crawled per website.200 Backlink Capsules are provided every month with rank tracking of 500 keywords.


Rankedy pricing strategy has received good reviews from many of its users who believe that it’s worth the money. Many users are saying that you should stop outsourcing your SEO content instead of using Rankedy. The same user said that Rankedy combines all the best Seo features in one platform. However, according to him, there are few glitches in the graph of uptime monitoring.

Cuong T.  who is a self-employed businessman says that Rankedy is the most powerful SEO suite for growing businesses with good ROI. He says that their only glitch is that their dashboard needs to improve their speed.

Nasr A., who is a blogger gave the app a 5 out of 5 ratings and says that it helped him a lot with its easy to use features and there is no glitch in its software.

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