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How to Differentiate Original and Fake Chargers

Gadgets-Baru The use of a charger cannot be separated from a smartphone because this device needs the power to run all the applications it carries. Sometimes we remove the charger or charger without being able to service it, of course, we have to buy a new charger.

The following are easy tips on how to distinguish genuine and fake chargers

In using a charger, of course, there are important things that you need to consider, namely the authenticity of the charger is indeed genuine or fake.

This is certainly important because it can affect smartphone charging. The original charger will also make the smartphone battery last longer and last longer than damage. Be careful when you choose the fake charger that is used to charge the smartphone because it will threaten the smartphone battery and break down quickly.

The original charger or original charger is the original charger from the smartphone in one package. However, sometimes as time goes on the charger can be damaged or lost so we need to buy another charger to replace it. This is where it is important to note whether the charger is purchased genuine or just right. Be careful because there are also many circulating pallu chargers on the market, the price is indeed cheaper than the original charger.

Well, to be able to distinguish an original or fake charger, you can follow the tips below:

Bring the original charger adapter when buying

When you are going to buy a charger, don’t forget to always carry your original charger adapter so you can ensure that the charger adapter you buy is the same as your original charger adapter. Express all the numbers on the adapter, the structure or design of the USB port on the adapter and make sure they are the same, make sure that there are no significant differences in the adapter that you will buy. In general, passive adapters have a slimmer design and no detail.

Use the Application

An application called Ampere is an application that can help you distinguish genuine or fake chargers, how it works is to calculate how much power goes into the smartphone and Pubg wallpaper when it is filled. So when refilling, see how much voltage and current that goes into the cell phone, after the results are known, then match the one on the charger adapter head. If it’s not the same then you should suspect the authenticity of the charger.

Look at the USB

Cable The USB cable is generally not only used to charge the battery but also transfer data. Of course, if the cable is fake it will make data transfer not optimal. To be able to tell which charger is genuine or fake, don’t forget to pay attention to the thickness and length of the USB plug you want to buy. Fake chargers are often equipped with USB plugs that are longer and thicker.

Choose an Official Store to Buy a Charger

Make sure the store that you choose when you want to buy a charger is an official store, moreover the more online stores that are currently circulating, then you must be very observant in choosing an online store that has official sites so as to guarantee the authenticity of the items you buy.

Pay attention to prices

Usually, fake chargers will be sold at a cheaper price so that it easily attracts your interest to buy. Do not let the low price and offer you many features are actually fooled to choose the charger.

So don’t be fooled by naughty sellers who declare the authenticity of the charger sold.

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