The Best Phone In The World 2023 Reviews And Comparasion

In this article we will talk about three Best phone in the world. we made a comparison between those amazing phone and here is our top 3.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone pro max

iphone 11 pro max

In addition to the iPhone 11 Apple introduced to us the finest versions of the iPhone this year : the  iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which has a triple camera and a powerful processor and a better battery with fast charger and many new features.

The design

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have the same design with different dimensions due to different screen sizes. The phones are covered with glass on the front and back with a metal frame on the sides made of stainless steel.

According to Apple, the glass used is the strongest and most durable glass used in the smartphone industry today. Both phones are available in four colors: Gold, Gray, Silver and Green.

The three rear cameras with flash form a  square and we also notice the Apple logo being moved to the middle .

There is also an IP68 water and dust resistance feature that in theory allows the two phones to be submerged in water to a depth of 4 meters for 30 minutes without any damage to internal components.

The screen

The screen of the iPhone 11 Pro measuring 5.8 inches , for the iPhone 11 Pro Max the screen is larger with 6.5 inches . The rest of the specifications of the screen are identical in the two phones

The screen in both phones has a high resolution of 458 pixels per inch and is OLED .

Triple camera

The triple camera in the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max is one of the most important developments added by apple, we have in the back three camera and the flash .

The three 12-megapixel cameras:

  • one basic with an aperture of F / 1.8 lens
  • a second magnifying glass with an aperture of F / 2.0 lens
  • and a third extends the shooting angle up to 12 degrees with an aperture of F / 2.4 lens.

iphone 11 pro max triple camera

The triple camera can:

  • Possibility of optical zoom for double.
  • Night Mode to improve the quality and brightness of images taken at night.
  • Portrait Mode to focus on the subject with background noise.
  • Portrait Lighting feature to create light effects on the image.
  • Dual optical stabilization DUAL OIS to prevent image and video shake.
  • 30% stronger flash
  • Smart HDR for color enhancement in images.
  • Capture video up to 4K at a maximum speed of 60 fps
  • The ability to shoot slow-motion video with a resolution of up to 1080p at a maximum speed of 240 fps
  • Optical stabilization video and double optical zoom.
  • Record stereo surround sound while shooting video.

Processor and Performance

Apple has long been known for its high-performance devices, so the iPhone 11 is no exception. Process various processes of the device.

Apple also pointed at the conference to the superiority of the new processor A13 on Android phones competitors, whether in terms of the performance of the main processor CPU or GPU as we see in the performance tests published by Apple.

Battery and charging

The iPhone 11 Pro’s battery lasts up to 4 hours longer than the iPhone XS (18 hours of video viewing) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is five hours longer than the iPhone XS Max (20 hours of video viewing).

Price of iPhone 11 pro / iPhone 11 pro Max

Prices for iPhone 11 Pro

  • 64 GB at a price of $ 1000
  • 256 GB at a price of $ 1150
  • 512 GB at a price of $ 1350
  • Prices for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Prices for iPhone 11 Pro Max

    • 64 GB at a price of $ 1,100
    • 256 GB at a price of $ 1250
    • 512 GB at a price of $ 1,450

The Huawei mate 30 Pro Max

Huawei recently unveiled the flagship Huawei Mate 30 Pro with a host of features that qualify it directly to compete with iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy Note 10.

The Best Phone In The World 2023 Reviews And Comparasion

Camera Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Huawei Mate 30 Pro offers one of the most impressive cameras of 2021, as the phone along with the 40-megapixel Super Sensing camera on the P30 Pro, a 40-megapixel wide-angle camera is also called the company Cine, and can both cameras using the sensor 3D ToF Record videos with complete background isolation.

Both cameras are relatively large, with the main camera having a 1 / 1.7 sensor and f / 1.6 aperture, while the Cine has a 1 / 1.54-inch sensor and an ultra-wide lens with f / 1.8 aperture.

The third camera on the back of the phone is an 8-megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom (80mm focal length) and 5x optical hybrid zoom, with OIS.

The video recording technology on the Mate 30 Pro is the most distinctive on Huawei phones, where the device supports 4K video shooting 60fps and support slow shooting at 7680 frames per second, and the most outstanding thing is the possibility of shooting 4K resolution HDR +.

3D facial recognition feature and remote phone control

Talking about the front camera unit of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, we are in front of a high-resolution unit with a set of features that combine the most prominent features of the camera phones leading in one device.

3D facial recognition feature and remote phone control

The front camera comes with a 32-megapixel camera, supports FHD + video recording (2288 x 1080 pixels) with support for a range of distinct shooting modes.

A new 3D scanner from Huawei introduces Face Unlocking technology, which has been improved more than last year to compete strongly with Apple’s Face ID technology.

Horizon Display

The Mate 30 Pro features a new 6.5-inch screen from the Huawei Horizon Display, with 88-degree curvature edges at the sides, leaving the leading Chinese manufacturer a place for traditional volume controls. Activate them by double clicking on either side of the screen.

huawei mate 30 pro screen

The new OLED panel also supports a standard 60Hz refresh rate and cross-screen audio that essentially eliminates the need for a traditional call headset, but the downside of this feature is the lack of a stereo speaker.

The screen resolution has also dropped from 3120 x 1440 pixels to 2400 x 1176 pixels, but this change could improve battery life.

The battery

The Mate 30 Pro has a large 4500mAh battery that supports 40W super fast charging and 27W fast wireless charging. Like the Mate 20 Pro and the P30 Pro, the Mate 30 Pro also supports enhanced reverse wireless charging that is three times faster than before.

Kirin 990 5G processor without Google services

The Mate 30 Pro is powered by the recently announced Kirin 990 5G chipset and supports eight different 5G bands, while the Galaxy Note 10 Plus supports only three bands.

These chipsets are paired with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage that can be expanded via a nano-SD card.

The company has not set the release date and availability of the Mate 30 Pro yet, but the 4G version was announced at a price of 1099 euros (approximately $ 1200), while the 5G version was announced at 1199 euros (approximately $ 1326).

Xioami Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi broke the standard for flagship phones, tablets or even folding phones and unveiled the first Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. With a 108-megapixel camera and a screen covering the entire body of the phone and a shocking price!

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha:

This super phone definitely comes with the latest and most powerful chipset available on the market, Snapdragon 855 Plus, and there is a 12GB RAM and 512GB storage. The 4050mAh battery comes with a 40W super fast charger.

xiaomi mi alpha mix

But the most exciting part of the Mi Mix Alpha is its unique screen, which wraps around the entire body of the phone, the phone is not foldable, but it is composed of a screen from all directions. and more than 180 percent screen-to-body ratio

The sides of the phone or screen to describe the most accurate touch-sensitive and work the traditional buttons, as the phone Mi Mix Alpha does not include any physical buttons or speaker or slots, and the company relies on the techniques of displaying sound and sensors inside the screen.

Not only did this display, but added to the Mi Mix Alpha 108 megapixel camera, the first phone in the world with this high-resolution, along with a wide-angle lens accurately 20-megapixel and telephoto lens accurately 12-megapixel.

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