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Learn More About Alexa Before She Steals Your Job: AI Specialists

AI Specialists

By 2020, there will be near about 100 million smartphone users who will be using voice assistants predicts eMarketer.

Though voice assistants have lost the fondness of novelty, it is sad to admit we’re still at the beginning of the evolution.

Alexa, one of the best-selling voice-activated device says it has the potential to destroy multiple time-consuming tasks that keeps up from doing tasks at home as well as at the workplace. And hey, Alexa is more than just a digitally activated voice assistant toy. Truth be told, she is a masterpiece. One of the best examples of a digital assistant that uses AI algorithms to complete tasks that were once impossible for computing devices to accomplish. To be honest, they’re getting smarter day by day.

Don’t you think Alexa is becoming more than capable with every passing day? With such exquisite skills, she may one day know just enough to steal your job.

It’s high time you stay alert and not let machines take away your jobs. Being AI specialists you might need to outperform this smart voice-assistant – learn the history, know its strengths, and learn the limitations of AI – and outsmart Alexa.

What’s Alexa? How do I get to know her better?

Ideally, Alexa is a voice assistant that entails Amazon’s smartest bunch of devices, displays, cameras, a line of best speakers, and other appliances that are patiently waiting to serve every command. The best part is, she lives in the cloud where she listens to every request that is made, then processes it and finally responds to it.

Similarly, Google introduced a product called Google Home. Precisely, it is one of Alexa’s biggest competitor in the market.

With Alexa around things become easy – from playing music to asking her to narrate silly jokes to making her connect the television and switching it off whenever needed. She can also flip through the channel, or change the volume whenever you want her to.

For the record, Alexa’s library of skills surpassed 60,000 items as of July 2019. This is just the beginning, and the number does not seem to cease.

A contemporary skill most professionals such as AI experts and AI specialists fear it will keep them out of their jobs.

Embrace artificial intelligence – outsmart the smartest

As humans, we all have natural intelligence. However, when a machine tries to imitate cognitive functions such as learning, problem-solving, thinking or even understanding certain things it is widely considered to have AI. The reason being, these machines are making decisions and not humans.

Let us quote an example here,

When you ask your Alexa device to tell you the temperature outside, you do not require to preset what you have spoken. For instance, if you say, “tell me what’s the temperature outside?” She will understand and respond accordingly.

Thus, due to such devices becoming smarter everyday people fear they’re nearing doomsday. Especially if AI could think through and play a game of chess it is likely possible for people to fear AI.

Research made by researchers at Oxford University in 2013, it was predicted nearly 47% of the jobs in the U.S. could be automated by 2033. Though these statistics may instill fear in people’s hearts, one may still be able to embrace artificial intelligence and move ahead in their AI career.

To stay updated you may need certain tips such as paying attention to the latest news about AI, taking up a certification program through the best AI certifications available online, or even by making yourself comfortable with AI. This can easily be achievable by investing in smart devices such as Google Home, Alexa, Ring, and Nest.

This needs to be solved in a manner that requires you to embrace new-age technologies and upskill to stay ahead of the curve.


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