How Do I Know My Data Will Be Kept Private While Data Recovery Process?

Data Recovery is basically considered as a process of restoring such data that was accidentally corrupted, deleted or lost at some point in time.  During this process, we try to restore such data to a laptop, desktop, external storage or a server. The data recovery is done from the data that was stored on a backup. There are various third-party data recovery tools that are generally used for this purpose.

On the other hand, data protection involves the process of remedies that are taken in order to protect important information from loss, compromise or corruption. There are thousands of companies that produce tons of data on a daily basis. This scenario increases the importance of data protection. Furthermore, large organizations can not compromise on the security of their data. If the sensitive information is available to any intruder, it can turn out to be a nightmare.

However, there are cases when such organizations lose important data as a result of a mishap. Choosing a secure data recovery tool is vital in such cases so that the security of data is not compromised in any way.

Salvage Data is one of the Successful data recovery services that provide data recovery services for all kinds of storage devices including hard drives, Flash drives, Memory cards, PCs, Laptops and more.  Our customers enjoy a 96% success rate that we achieve for all sorts of hard drive data recoveries. We provide free inbound shipping and evaluations for all of our customers.

Salvage Data goes a lot more way than many data recovery services in that it detects partitions that have been missing, even if the boot sector or file system has been damaged or erased. This could be of real help in an emergency, possibly helping you get data back even if your hard drive is not visible within Windows.

 Privacy of your data

When your information, files, and folders are not accessible you need the best and most reliable data recovery service with the right technology and experienced team, to recover what is most important to you and keep it highly secure and private. No matter what’s wrong with your storage device, our recovery experts have the practice and technology to handle the situation speedily and securely.

To us, there is nothing more important than preserving your information private and exclusive. All of our employees are well-skilled to preserve our customers’ private data secure. We carry out background checks on all of our employees, from our customer support representatives to the data recovery engineers.  We lock down our centers to prevent unauthorized access, and we keep a close eye on anyone entering our lab. Whilst we send a data recovery customer a list of files to view so that they see the outcomes of our efforts, our case portal ensures that only they can see their case results.

We guarantee you that your data will be 100% secure with us.

Data Privacy Agreement

We frequently work with many special companies having highly sensitive data. We’ve determined that each of our customers could have exceptional requirements for their data, and they occasionally want to be guaranteed that extra measures can be taken to ensure their data safety.  We’re more than willing to work with a company’s legal department to address any unique desires they will have. This could probably include signing extra non-disclosure agreements.

Our privacy agreement seems like:

Employees who have gone through background checks had been trained in IT security and protection of sensitive data.

A facility that appropriately and safely stores client data until the client gets their recovered data.

A secure internet site in which customers can view their case outcomes without risking other people viewing their sensitive information.

Periodic internal or outside facility audits to make sure their data recovery privacy protocols are as much as snuff.

How your data is seen

While you sign our provider form and confirm to our terms and conditions earlier than giving your device to us, you agree to our data recovery privacy policy. As a part of our coverage, we confirm to keep your private data in the strictest of confidence.

When we work on a data restoration case, we create a “clone” of the data on the client’s storage device. The clone lives on one of our internally-used drives. These drives never leave our facility beneath any circumstances or for any purpose.

Except a customer asks us to hold onto their data for longer and maintain it archived for a few months in our facility, we completely erase their recovered data one week (5 commercial enterprise days) when we’ve delivered their data. As soon as we’ve efficaciously zero-filled one of our inner client’s data drives, it goes back into a move. It goes on to store information for every other case, and the process repeats itself. While a drive wears out, we smash it down for spare parts.

Privacy of your data is our top priority

You could rest assured that we can by no means do anything to compromise the safety of your information. It is, and always has been, the largest priority within our business enterprise. For over a decade now we had been recovering data for thousands of clients all around the world, and it doesn’t matter in case you are a live-at-home mom or the most important agency on the plane, each and everyone receives the identical treatment when it comes to keeping recovered data private.  We don’t take probabilities and we don’t reduce corners in relation to implementing safety features that are designed around preserving absolutely everyone’s data secure and safe always.


Why Us?

How Do I Know My Data Will Be Kept Private While Data Recovery Process?

If you are looking for Successful data recovery services in town try Salvage Data. Our experts are experienced enough to examine your storage device and come up with a solution to determine if the data can be recovered from it. Moreover, we also provide an affordable quote and a quick turnaround time.

Salvage Data doesn’t charge for the services if your data can not be recovered. All you need to do is to provide all the relevant information in a form.  Our expert team will get back to you shortly.

If you have any questions about data security and safety, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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