How To Remove Amazon Unauthorized Seller

Amazon, once a humble online bookstore has now become large enough to have a revenue amount to challenge GDPs of most countries in the world. It comes as no surprise that online shopping is now greatly attributed to the online giant.

This is the direct result of ruthless consumer acquisition by almost any means and this is the same reason why the cheapest products can be found in the store. If there is anything, at almost any time, that you want to buy, the chances are you can find them at Amazon.

To put into actual numbers, currently the website offers a little over half a billion different kinds of products ranging from electronic devices, beauty products, to fashion accessories.

The influence of Amazon continues to grow by bringing the multinational chain whole foods market into their folds. This goes to show that the online selling juggernaut aims to extend its reach beyond the virtual world. Similar acquisitions may be expected in the future and not just from entities that sell tangible products.

The Washington Post, for instance, was also owned by Jeff Bezos. And in terms of logistics, Amazon now has key infrastructure in place with Amazon Maritime. It would not be an overstatement to say that Amazon is indeed slowly taking the world by storm. Thus the tremendous need for Amazon unauthorized seller removal is crucial.

The once largest in the United States and had been for quite a long time is Walmart. But with the rise of Amazon, they have taken their place on top of the retail world. There is a growing acceptance to the fact that having your product on Amazon is a good idea for your business.

However, despite the many benefits that this presents, there are quite a few downfalls as well. Since your product is out for everyone to see, you risk having your intellectual properties stolen as well as other similar brand abuse. It is not uncommon for unauthorized sellers to try to steal your revenue by offering substandard counterfeit goods on the same platform no less.

What is worse than having your brand stolen is having your reputation tarnished by those who reuse your brand’s name on their counterfeited goods. The effects of this can be far reaching beyond your Amazon account, and indeed, beyond your business. Your personal reputation is at stake which could imply, in the worst case, that your retail career is over.

Understanding Amazon Unauthorized Seller Removal

Two important ingredients for a successful retail business is having the right product and the right infrastructure. The product is a result of innovative ideas unique to the seller and his or her own experiences. It could be an expertise of his or something that he came upon while travelling the world.

It can be said that this is the meat of one’s business or the value that they deliver. On the other hand, infrastructure is the platform to which one can sell their product. In olden times, the only means to sell products are to physically be at the place where commerce happens.

Merchants would bring their wares on their wagons and sell only as far as their wagons would take them. Of course, there are also physical stores distributed across regions to allow for further reach which is the case for a lot of big box stores today that are able to sell through multiple branches. This would all take a step further with the introduction of the internet.

The internet gave stores access to a market unlike any other before then. With a click of a finger, people from all over the world will be able to browse products hosted on a website. This is the platform that Amazon offers that makes it an irresistible lure to business owners.

Amazon has its own line of products that they sell but opted to allow third party vendors access to their infrastructure. This gives them a way to profit off of other people’s ingenuity and this allows smaller businesses a reach to a wider audience.

It is unmistakable that a lion’s share of the profits of the company can be traced back to third party vendors that make use of the Amazon services.

But amidst the convenience also comes the vulnerability. One of the most prevalent forms of crimes exacerbated by the internet is identity theft. Because everything is digital nowadays, it becomes easy to reproduce copies of information not belonging to one’s own.

And the same theft is applied, not to a person, but to a business product. These so-called third party sellers that do not have any relationship with the business that you own are called unauthorized Amazon resellers. They are fraudsters that pretend to be part of the company that you own so they can sell their counterfeits of your products.

Some even buy products from your actual business illegally then sell them at higher clips. Your best course of action when you are in this situation is to get rid of the offending party as soon as possible. This is crucial to protect your profits, your brand, and your business.

Amazon has a firm grip on the online market and it’s no surprise that the platform is crawling with unauthorized sellers. This out of control spiral is due to the simple fact that the business itself has opened to any seller.

Fighting back with Amazon Unauthorized Seller Removal

Amazon unauthorized sellers have developed a process or patterns to infiltrate and take advantage of your business. To successfully crack down on unwanted affiliates, you should understand first how they operate. There are a few strategies that are known to be their go-to moves.

The most common tactic that you may encounter is the use of a false ASIN. By combining several ASINs, they are able to create a unique ASIN to fool others into believing that they sell a legitimate product. Remaining vigilant is easier said than done especially if your product is particularly popular.

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