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Being an IT professional, I have to deal with a lot of data, specially emails. And also being a general user, I was using Google Gmail to handle my emails. With the growing data and need to keep it safe, I decided to switch from Google Gmail to some other platform. Gmail has a lot of security issues. When I was using Gmail, the experience was good till some point. I had relied on it since I have my first Email id. Slowly, due to some reasons, I decided to move to some other platform. After doing the complete research about how to export Google MBOX files, I found a precise solution.

The manual process to import Google MBOX files is a bit complicated. A third-part tool has to be used to make the conversion easy. The Google Gmail MBOX converter tool is used to export Gmail MBOX files in any desired format.

About Google MBOX File Format

MBOX is a file format which stands for Mail Box. It is the practically common format for storing the e-mail messages on the user’s local storage. All the emails are saved as a single file in a concatenated string type format. MBOX files are supported by various applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, ect.

 Trusted Way to Export Gmail MBOX- Google MBOX File Converter

Gmail MBOX converter to import Google MBOX files is a utility which has many vibrant features. It is a multi functioning software solution to help you export Gmail MBOX into Outlook, PST, and many others. It can migrate Gmail to new account as well as can do many other tasks. The tool can export Google Vault MBOX files also. There is a specific manual method to Export Google Vault MBOX files. After getting the Google Mbox file, user can easily import Google Vault exported MBOX files by following some quick steps.

MBOX is an extension generally used for e-mail files stored by various email clients Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird. Also, the utility can export Google Takeout Archive.

What is Google Takeout Archive?

Google Takeout, a special utility by Google Data Liberation Front that enables users to migrate their Google account data from Gmail, Youtube, Google Photos. It makes the process to export Google data easy. There is a manual process by which you can download Gmail archive MBOX file on your system. Further if you wish to import Gmail archive to new account, Google MBOX file converter can be used.

If you want to back-up and open your Google Mbox files, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your Google Gmail account settings and click on “Download your data”.
  2. Now un-check all the selected options and choose “Mail”.
  3. After selecting all the folders you want to import, select further details like archive file size, type, and click on “Create Archive”.
  4. The Archive file can now be downloaded.  This is your needed Google MBOX file.

Steps to Import Google MBOX

Download the tool on your system from the option available on the Google Gmail MBOX Converter product page.

  1. Install and run the software on on your computer supporting any version of Windows Operating System.
  2. The software has a dual selection mode. Select the multiple files or folders you want to export in any desired format.
  3. Now the tool will show details of all the selected files/folders. Here you can choose only those files which you want to convert.
  4. The Google MBOX converter tool gives a number of file saving options. Choose the one in which you want to migrate your selected files.
  5. After selecting the file format, choose the desired location to save newly exported files. Now click on NEXT.
  6. The conversion process starts here where all files are converted one by one.
  7. The tool will show a completion message at the end saying conversion completed.

Significant Features of MBOX File Converter

  1. Supports distinct versions of Windows Operating System: Google MBOX converter to import Gmail Mbox to PST, Outlook, and various other platforms can support all versions of Windows Operating System like Windows Vista, Windows XP, 8, 10, along with other versions.
  2. Facility for batch migration: The Gmail MBOX to Outlook converter tool comes with a feature to hold different exported Google Mbox files like Trash.mbox, Inbox.mbox, Sent.mbox and many more. Here, batch files can be imported into Gmail mbox file format.
  3. Does not Change the file structure while exporting: All the new files will be saved in a particular order in which they were saved earlier before migration. The file structure will not be changed by MBOX file converter.
  4. Migration of selective files: The tool has a special preview feature to let users export selective files as per their requirement. There is a dual selection option for those who want to export specific files/folders.
  5. Exports to all Outlook versions: The Google MBOX converter can export Gmail MBOX files in Various Outlook versions.
  6. Gmail MBOX file migration to many formats: The new files which are exported can be in formats such as OST, PST, HTML, TXT, Gmail MBOX to PST, Gmail Mbox to PDF, Gmail MBOX to Outlook, etc.
  7. Simplified Layout: The user interface of this tool is one of the most attractive features. It is simple and very easy to be understood by any user- be it technical or even non-technical.


The MBOX file converter helps to export all your gmail mails in multiple specified file formats like PST/ EML / EMLX / MBOX / MSG. This means you can backup your entire Gmail account into some file from where it can be easily migrated from one medium to other. Not just emails, the software can also export contacts, calendar, documents, images, etc. There is one best feature which makes this tool highly preferred over others.

A DEMO version for Google Gmail MBOX file converter is available free of cost. The utility is featured with multiple email filter options that helps us to export only selected mails from Gmail to Outlook, PST, TXT, ect.. Folder Filter. You can backup whatever sort of data you want to.

This tool has been designed with general users in mind. In addition, a detailed tutorial and installation guide allow all types of users to easily operate this application without facing any problems.

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