A Sampling of Five Top Autoresponders

Email marketing has, and for the foreseeable future remains, an integral component of any marketing strategy. Most marketers will attest to the fact that email is their most significant source of ROI. When it comes to email marketing, the autoresponder sequence is a common and integral part of the process.

Autoresponders are essential marketing automation methods used in sales campaigns. When correctly executed, they can be highly effective in bringing in additional customers and revenue. Check out detailed information on the best autoresponders and what they can do for your business.

  1. GetResponse

GetResponse is a one-stop marketing platform offering various. Landing pages, webinars, forms, and more are some of the tools provided in the suite. However, their most popular tool is, without a doubt, their autoresponder feature.

GetResponse is free to sign up and will trigger criteria based emails to help increase your sales as well as visitors that check out your website. In addition to being cost-effective, GetResponse offers a landing page that is essential in lead generation.

  1. Aweber

One of the first autoresponder services ever developed, Aweber is still widely used and loved. It offers users all the necessary tools to implement a robust email autoresponder system. Aweber has a free trial feature that allows users to get a feel of it before fully committing.

Included in Aweber’s impressive arsenal are templates, analytics, sign-up forms, stock photo options, and much more. If you are running a relatively large business operation, Aweber is the right solution.

  1. MarketHero

MarketHero gives users the ability to integrate autoresponder services with email and Facebook Messenger as well; an extremely beneficial feature as it expands a brands presence and reach.

Additionally, MarketHero has an advanced sales tracking feature which accurately captures and records transactions. A handy ROI calculation feature gives you the ability to see provide monetary value to all leads for better long term accuracy.

  1. Omnisend

Omnisend is one of the more popular tools in the e-commerce space due to its advanced autoresponder features. It allows users to create marketing automation workflows via email, SMS, web push notifications, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

Geared towards ecommerce, however, Omnisend’s rich and practical features may be lost on users, not in the ecommerce industry.

  1. ConvertKit

Built with creators such as designers, podcasters, and bloggers in mind, ConvertKit is the ideal autoresponder tool for inbound marketing. As a platform, ConvertKit is simple and easy to use yet comes packed with great features such as analytics, forms, and more to help users build their marketing campaigns.

As a bonus, ConvertKit offers landing page services which are helpful in webpage management, and with the ability to tag visitors, you can better create targeted campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing the best autoresponder comes down to which is best suited for a particular business. The question is, using your current tech set up as a guide, how do you plan to grow and use automation in the days that lie ahead.

Even at the start-up level, your autoresponder software should be powerful enough to make a significantly positive impact on your business. It should also be user-friendly enough for you to manipulate and customize.



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