5 Tips to Choose A Good Color Scheme For Your Website

Color selecting is simple if you do not know its implications and the way it can affect the emotions of many. For a layman, choosing a color for web design may base on his likeness. Whereas, it goes deep down in understanding what color the target audiences may like the most.

Color preferences may be your personal choice if you have to paint a newly constructed villa where you and your family may reside. But, when it comes to commercial presence, you need to be more cautious as it is the end-users who will take notice of your business premises and opt to stay or leave.

It is obvious that eye-appeasing colors may make them browse the website further to find products of their interest and shop. This post discusses some of the amazing tips that can help you decide over color scheme selection for your website that is suitable and appropriate to many.

Utilize Emotional Effects of Colors

Every color has an emotion. We all have affection for specific colors because of our emotional attachments. For example, red is an alarming color as well as a sign of love.

Green is an eye-soothing color. It is for peace and health as it is natural and found in the surroundings. The yellow color is for grabbing user attention. It highlights as something is important and needs attention. Black attracts the elegant ones. People like to wear black the most as it signifies power and authority. Blue is for trust and security. You may see lots of banking companies using it in common.

The emotional impact of colors is not universal. It may vary between communities, nations, and geographical locations. At first, you need to understand how any specific color will affect your target audience. You can do this by evaluating how different businesses are utilizing color psychology in reaching out to the audiences that you aim to target. In the end, you will find the color that may go in-line with your target community.

Select Colors that suit your Audiences’ Personality

Each color has different connotation among business communities. For example, if you use red color as a sign of love for a gift shop, but using the same for a political party may show their affiliation with communists.

For this, you will need to figure out the kind of emotions you need to arouse with the colors in your website design. If you want the customers to support your environment-friendly production processes then using the green as a primary color.

For arousing strong emotions, passion, and intensity; use Red color. As a source of inspiration, you can observe how famous companies are utilizing their effectiveness in logo designing such as McDonald, YouTube, Coca Cola, Caltex, CNN, Toyota, etc.

Tackle Gender-Specific Color Likeness

Most of the business websites skip the consideration of color with respect to gender and age group. this may not be of primary importance for many, but the gender-specific businesses have to take intensive care in selecting colors while designing a website.

for example, an eCommerce website for baby garments can be designed in multiple colors, whereas promoting undergarments on a women’s store may require you to prefer colors like pink, red, blue, purple, etc. for such a website you ignore brown and orange as girls don’t like them at all. Keeping the same thing in mind, designing a website is for men with purple color will be a grave-sin.

Appeal Target Age Groups with their Favorite Color Blend

The colors that were appealing you the most in teenage may no longer attract you in parenthood. our nature, behavior, and color appeal changes as soon as we grow older and get busy in different commitments.

You may not need to consider color in combination with age groups if you are targeting users of all ages. Their color likeness may surely be addressed in geographical metrics, whereas if you are about to serve a large proportion of a specific age group, then their age-specific color preferences need to be covered in website design.

Pursue a Color-blind Friendly Website

According to the National Eye Institute, about 8% of men and 0.5% of women with Northern European ancestors suffer from the red-green color blindness that is a common form of the disease. This makes it vulnerable for you to select your website color more precisely.

It affects men the most, whereas women are the carriers and affected the least. A website that aims to target men at large will surely have to pursue color-blind friendly web design. Consider the example of Facebook as its owner is also a color-blind, and to him, blue is the only richest color.


Website color scheme selection does not require expert and advance knowledge. It is just like the way you look at things and imagine how your target users may perceive it. Study the psychology behind colors and how these are interpreted between regions, countries, age groups, and gender.

After a thorough study, select eye-appealing colors and stick to it for the initial days. If you find the color pattern is not compelling the users to stay, try testing other color combination to see which one is brewing you the desired results.


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