4 Super-amazing wifi hacker apps for Android without root

Want to know about the Best Wifi Hacker Apps For Android Without Root? Then, continue reading and you will get the idea. Today, Technographx has brought for you such cool apps which you can use to get a password for a Wifi network.

At the time, when you are in urgent need of internet but can’t get it then these apps can help you a lot by cracking password of someone else’s Wifi network. Let us check these apps out.

Wifi Wps Wpa Tester

The first tool on this list is this one. This is the perfect tool for hacking the Wifi password without root. If you want to know whether any access point is open for attacks then you can do so with this tool.

There are various algorithms used in the tool for hacking the Wifi password. This tool will work for you if you are using an Android phone with OS: Lollipop or above, in this case, you don’t have to root your phone. The pros of this tool are that it is very easy to use and available easily.


Want to hack a WPS enabled router then no need to go ahead in the list as this tool will do the job for you perfectly. You will see the list of available Wifis through this tool. You can retrieve the password of the Wifi network you want to connect to with this tool very easily. It can do it for you with root and without root too. This app is available on the Play Store so you can download and install it very easily.

The benefits of using this tool are that it is available easily and is very easy and comfortable to use. It has a dedicated blog too. The cons of this tool are similar to the above one that it only works for phones with Android 5.0 and above without root. For the rest of the phones, root is required.  Another major concern is that it works with routers having fixed pins only.

WPS Connect

If you want to connect to a WPS router then certainly you can go for this one without any doubt. Most of the routers follow this protocol only so you can use this tool to hack the Wifi password.

You can also check your router if it is safe or not. You will get to know the detailed insight about your router and its vulnerable access points.

Latest password cracking algorithms are used in this tool to do the job. You have to just identify the Wifi network you want to connect to and then this tool will do the job for you.

It is tested with several major Android devices and it is found that is incompatible with them. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and check whether it is compatible with your device or not.  One of the major cons of using this tool is that it is lacking the automatic mode to identify or connect to a network.

Wifi Master Key APK

Another amazing tool that you can use for hacking the password of Wifi networks is this one. The best part is that is available easily for the Android users and everyone can utilize it. You can look for the available wifi networks very easily with a single tap. You have to just select the network whom you want to get the password for.

It isa very secured app so don’t worry. It is also a legal and ethical app and it is the best part of it. You can also create and share hotspots through this app. It is available in 19 different languages currently. The cons of this tool are that it is lacking encryption support. It only cracks the password for the Wifi networks that are registered.

So, here was a brief overview of the Best Wifi Hacker Apps For Android Without Root. Use any one of them and get the password for the Wifi network you want. But, keep one thing in mind that you have to use the app not to harass anyone but only for learning purpose.

Just download and install any one of these apps and start using it. For more updates on tech news, follow Technographx!

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