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How To Get Rid Of Dust And Dirt From Your House

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Removing dust from your house is a difficult task and no matter how much we clean our house, the dust will come back. Dust accumulation on your floor, carpet or other surfaces is unavoidable. But, it is possible to reduce the accumulation of dust to the maximum extent. The best way to reduce dust in your house is to invest in a good quality HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner.

The dust is generated from various kinds of particles such as pollen, fibers from our clothes, dead skin cells, etc. The dust accumulation makes our home visually displeasing and it is annoying as well. Moreover, the dust accumulation in your house can be highly dangerous for those who are suffering from respiratory diseases and asthma. The dust also brings dust mites and that makes the situation worse. The dust mites also trigger asthma symptoms and adverse the condition of asthma sufferers.

Here, we will discuss various tips to remove the dust from your house. Read the following points and implement them as well:

Wash Your Bedding

We spend most of the time in our bedroom, therefore, it leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells and other particles that contributes to the formation of dust. This is the reason the dust mites love to stay in your bedding, mattresses. throw rugs and pillows as well. The best way to reduce dust and dust mites in your bedroom is to wash your bedding once a week. Also, you can cover your mattress with dust-mites proof covering.

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These simples steps will help you to reduce dust inside your house. If you have an old house, then you should use a backpack HEPA vacuum for lead paint because it is possible that the paint of your house is a lead-based solution. The lead-based paints are highly dangerous and HEPA vacuum cleaner should be used while removing them.

Keep Your Closets Clean

The clothes that are stored in closets tend to shed a lot of fiber that leads to the formation of dust. If you do not want to deal with the dust confetti, then you should keep your closet clean. The best way to reduce dust in the closet is to store your garments in garment bags and place these bags inside the closet. Also, once a week, you should organize everything properly in your closet, this will help in reducing dust and clutter accumulation.

Cut Down Clutter On Floor

You should never ignore the toys, books, clothes lying on the floor. The clutter acts as a magnet for dust. Therefore, the golden rule to reduce dust accumulation is to remove clutter. You should give a designated space for everything in your house and make sure you place back all the items to their designated place after use. This is simple and one of the best tricks to get rid of dust.

Avoid Carpet Flooring

The carpet flooring may look gorgeous, but it needs a high level of maintenance and care. The carpet fabric can easily attract dust and dust mites. It is very difficult to remove dust deep inside the carpet fabric. Therefore, you should avoid carpet flooring. If you have it in your house, then the best way to do maintenance is vacuum cleaning. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and regularly clean your carpet with it. Make sure you invest in the HEPA vacuum cleaner for goo results.

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The HEPA vacuum cleaner such as Atrix HEPA backpack vacuum can remove even minute dust particles and these vacuum cleaners do not let the dust particles spread into the air. Therefore, cleaning your carpet with a HEPA vacuum will be good for asthma patients. It will not trigger their symptoms and provide good quality air inside your house.  But, it is better to stick to the hardwood floors.

Dust Area Rugs And Pillows

You should remove the dust from area rugs and pillows by beating them. But, make sure you do it outside of your house, otherwise, the dust will spread over the floor. You can also clean the area rug with a cordless HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner.

Use Damp Cloth

The feather duster is not efficient in removing dust. These dusters spread dust in the air and it will settle down around your house. Therefore, rather than using a feather duster, you should use a damp cloth to wipe down dust over the surface. The wet cloth will never let the dust spread around.

Follow Top To Bottom Rule

According to the gravity rule, you should start cleaning from the top and gradually move toward the downward direction. This will let you clean the dust efficiently and it will not spread around.

Install Air Purifiers

If you or your family member is suffering from allergies or asthma problems, then you should invest in air purifies. The air purifiers will help in capturing eth dust particles in the air. Well installing air purifiers does not mean you can stop dusting. They are just filters that help in improving air quality. You should install one air purifier in each room of your house.

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