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How to Decorate Your Room Walls?

Imagine having pale yellow four-sided concrete statues surrounding your room with nothing more than your bed and wardrobe. How boring could that possibly be? Everything in life needs a bit of a twist, and one of the ways you can transmit a positive vibe every morning you wake up is by admiring your surroundings.

Waking up to a bright yellow sunflower painting instead of just a pale yellow wall could be so much more exciting. It would not only pump your adrenaline throughout the day but will also decrease your stress hormones the moment you get up from your sleep.

Either way, you can impress whoever walks into your safe space in just a matter of seconds. To enter this world full of imagination and inspiration, you need nothing but some tools and a short trip to the departmental store- maybe not that too- and you are good to go.

You can make your room even more exciting by buying a themed artwork online that describes you best as a person. Select cosy pastel colours if you are a shy and reserved person, or choose funky, vibrant colours if you are more of a confident extrovert. Life is so exciting with paints and colours, so do not wait any more and get started today!

Let’s focus on some unique and exciting ways to glam-up your most comfortable place in the house: your room!

Everything is better with a hint of light!

You can play around with lights in so many different ways that you have not possibly imagined as of yet. We are going to focus on some of the ways precisely. Firstly, the small LED light string attracts everyone. Get one of those and pair it with 8-10 Polaroid pictures. Make sure to put the Polaroid pictures in a wave pattern and the light string in between them.

Perfect placement location would be either above your bed or above your dressing table. You can experiment with it wherever you like and go with your instinct. You can use wooden clips and hang them with fish wire to add on to the aesthetic. On individual Polaroid images, mentioning the date the picture was taken could be a possible cool idea too!

Positive Quotes

As mentioned earlier, you always need a kick start of motivation at the beginning of the day to boost your self-confidence. What better way could there be except posting a line or two of sayings that keep you going every day. They could be from a famous writer or even written by yourself. All you need is a pretty font, clean glass and a unique frame that just perfectly sets with your wallpaper or wall colour. You can cut the time to go and print quotes by doing some ‘Do it yourself (DIY)’ tricks.

All you need is your favourite colour marker and an A3 size cardboard sheet to show your talent for calligraphy. Do not limit your imagination to just quotes. You can even add funny memes and short jokes in the same way. Just go with the genre that best describes you because after all, your room is a perfect depiction of yourself. Hint: “Do what sets your soul on fire”!

Shelves and Dividers

There is always something that just does not fit anywhere in your room, and you have no idea what to do with it. It could be a jar of best things about you given by a friend or a crystal showpiece that does not go with the theme of your side-table. Do not worry! We got you covered on this one.

Find an empty spot on your wall, preferably on the opposite side of your bed and pick the colour that goes almost entirely with the colour of your wall. For example, black-coloured walls go with more bright colours such as red or purple accordingly. You can even go a bit funky by painting them yourself with stuff such as polka dots, zebra lines, spray paints, etc.


Hang patterned or plain rugs on the wall right above your bed. Again, you can work out the colour theme yourself and either twin with the colour of your bed or go with a contrast. To add on to the beauty, you can spread a string of small LED lights over the rug.

You can also choose the rug to be of dark colour such as purple or black and pair it with LED lights. A typical Saturday night with some brownies and your favourite Netflix show along with LED lights in the background; Saturdays never felt so good! Examples of patterned rugs may include animal patterns such as zebra, leopard, tiger, etc. or animated patterns of cartoons, etc.

Incorporate symmetry or a theme

Everything looks better if it is organized in the best way possible. What is the best way to incorporate the essence of an organization? A way that could personify your personality as a focused individual? By incorporating symmetry in your room, you will not only show yourself as impressive but will also feel satisfied every time you enter the home after a long day at work.

All you need is that cup of coffee with your blanket on a chilly Friday night, and the sight of everything just in the right order could make everything better. One example can include hanging a large piece of artwork above your side tables and set a pair of table lamps on top. Both the artwork and table lamp could be tea pink in colour along with a silver or off-white bed colour.

You can also keep the theme of the late 80s and go with retro colours or black and white colours. Retro could incorporate a feeling of cosiness while typical black and white could show you as a basic person who is not a bad thing!


Antiques are one of the most essential forms of art in history. Antiques can include both framed artworks and wall hanging pieces. Art pieces could date back to the Roman Empire whereas wall hangings could be as simple as sparkling stars, brown vases, old bells, unusual clocks and maybe a golden framed unique shaped mirror.

To be a bit scary, skulls of skeletons and bulls can also be hanged with fish wires to add a spooky effect. More examples could include late Roman and Spanish verses, an old string of coins attached to the wall right beside the door of your room or even above or on it. Old warfare items such as fake guns or artificial bombs could add on to the spooky theme if you are looking for one! Remember: everything is better with a hint of light!

The Final Thoughts

No matter which way you go with from the ones listed above, believe your instinct and do what makes you happy. You might feel lazy to go to the market, but most of these items will be already available at your home such as cardboard, paints, etc. and all you need to do is to follow the guidelines we have set above, and you will have a DIY masterpiece set in front of you in minutes.


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