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Benefits of Rental Software for Your Business

If you own a car rental business, you know how complicated it is to organize a car rental. Starting from filling out the rental order form per day, how to prevent one car from being rented twice in the same period, to how to strive for the best rental service. These tools include Excel, phone calls, e-mails, Word documents, and others. Such equipment is “old equipment” because the work of these devices takes a lot of time and storage is not effective. You may lose your asset documents and make the wrong Rental software planning.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can solve these problems: Rental software. With rental software, you can manage your entire car rental business on the same platform. What are the benefits? You can save time, communicate much more easily, and can monitor the car you rent.

Rental Software Features

  • Rental order management: Track car availability by serial number, set rental times via the calendar feature, and renew rental automatically.
  • Collaboration: Your employees can communicate on one platform to handle rental orders.
  • Inventory management: Monitor the availability, movement, and maintenance of your car.
  • Automatic Quotation: Create quotes and invoices in just a few clicks.
  • CRM & External Communication: Make it easier for you to interact with customers or other rental companies.
  • Automatic Notifications: Notify customers of the status of their orders and be reminded when the rental period is running out.
  • Cloud-based: You will always have access to important information anywhere and not limited to just one device.
  • All-in-one: Keep all your data in one place so you don’t have to use separate software.

I’m used to setting it up without any software and it’s fine. The reasons below may change your mind and start to rent software.

Create Quotation Quickly

Creating a new invoice that actually repeats unchanging information is tedious and time-consuming. Not to mention if the invoice is rejected. With rental software, you can create a database of information about your inventory and employees. You can make an offer in just a few clicks and save a lot of time. When it’s finished, you can also send it directly via the same platform.

Know Car Availability Anytime

When a rental request comes in, ensuring the availability of a car for the car to be rented can be a struggle in itself. Your car rental business might stop because you always fail to give your customers the car rental they want. With rental software, you can track the availability of a car using a serial number that will be linked to your inventory. You can also see the timeline of how many cars you have in a certain period of time. You no longer need to guess about the availability of your car.

Employee Communication on One Platform

Your employees spend a lot of time dealing with rental time and communicating with customers. Using the phone, e-mail, or more often causes you inconvenience. Rental software can automatically schedule your employee’s assignments and if there is a task update, your employees can immediately see the details in the system. They can easily see which customer to call.

Detection of lost items and damage

After your car is used, it turns out that when you return it, you have lost a device. Rental software will provide you with all the information if there is a loss of goods and if the tenant will be given a fine, the bill will be automatically generated. Then, regarding car maintenance. You will know if the car must be serviced after a certain period of use. With this system, you will not skip the maintenance schedule.

Access Information Anywhere

If your car rental business uses the “old way”, you will only be able to supervise your business in the office. But with cloud-based rental software, you and your employees can work via any device, monitor any rental orders, and check details anywhere.

Allows Upgrades

Another advantage of renting software is the option to access the latest version or upgrade available. Of course, without having to pay extra. If this is done for the long term, it will certainly be a form of long-term profitable investment.

Multiple Purposes

Again, regardless of the scale of the company or the field you are in, renting software can serve any purpose. For example, if your company is engaged in services that are always related to clients, you can include the cost of renting the software in the total cost they have to pay. In this way, it means that the production process becomes simpler because software access is part of the client’s production expenses, not as capital that you have to pay yourself.

What should be considered in choosing software for your car rental business?

There are many rental software options out there. All of them have something in common and a passion for technological innovation. Before choosing this software, you must make sure that the software can manage financial and complex operations well and is integrated with all ERP systems. The software must also be applied flexibly according to your needs. Finally, make sure your software is accompanied by good system security.

Creating the best rental experience for your customers will help your car rental business survive. To maintain it, you need to manage your business with Rental software so that the rental process is managed efficiently.

With software, everything is in one application. Starting from financial matters and accounting with minimal errors, ease of purchase and sale transactions, to a payroll system that can automatically calculate employee salaries!

Of course, there is a reason why the popularity of software leasing is growing. The good news is, this makes the options for hiring creative souls like you are even more varied. By renting software, you can be sure that the operational and capital expenses that you have to spend are more efficient. Ever worry that having your own software will give you more freedom while renting is full of restrictions? Put those worries aside. Renting software will actually put you in a flexible position as well as flexibility in choosing upgrades or getting technical assistance.

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