How Businesses in England Save Money On Water Bills?

Businesses the length and breadth of England rely on water every day for things to work smoothly. Most take into account how they use water, how much they’re paying for the service, and whether it’s the best deal for their business.


There are ways companies can save money on water bills, improve how they use water, and reduce water consumption in the long-run. Let’s look at how that can be and how any business can save money.

Understanding How The Market Works

I find it surprising that many businesses in England don’t know how the water market works. Most people don’t want to investigate as they see any kind of bill as a nuisance, and any chance to avoid a headache is worth taking.


The water market in England is made up of two parts. Firstly, there will be a company that owns and operates the local network. Then, there are retailers who can provide water in the area. Retailers will usually have a lower tier in place as they are trying to compete with the local authority. This benefits you as a customer, especially if there are multiple retailers in your area. I liken it to comparing internet providers based on speed and price. You’ll be surprised just how many there are across England.

Knowing When To Switch Providers

For me, this is the easiest way to save money on water bills and barely requires you to lift a finger. Do a little research online and see if you can get your business placed on a better tariff by using comparison sites or going directly to other providers in the area and seeing what their tariffs are.


If you can build a picture of what other water companies are like, you can then turn to your current provider and ask them if there is a better deal to be had. It’s more than likely they will agree with you rather than lose a customer to a competitor.

Understanding What You’re Entitled To

Do you know what every penny on your water Bill goes towards? It’s not just how much water you use but also covers a range of services that you may not know about.


When you get a new water bill take a good look at it and see if you’re paying for extra services and don’t know what that charge is for. contact your provider and ask for clarity. They may tell you there are services you can avail of which you may not already have known about; services like water auditing, improving your water pipes and water efficiency measures. You could be surprised to learn how much you are entitled to.

Understanding Where Your Water Comes From

On a domestic level, it is easy to know where your water comes from. You turn a tap on in the kitchen. There’s a very good chance that water has come from the nearby reservoir. When you’re running water in business though, especially if your business is in a city centre or rural location, do you know where it comes from and if the local network will run without interruption?


It helps to have a provider who knows this information and can help with the likes of water contingency planning. If this term is new to you, I would recommend getting in touch with the provider and asking them what they’ll do when there is a water emergency. They should be able to clarify what they will do when there is a problem like a burst water main near the business and how they would help get water to your business in an emergency. It’s little things like this that can be the difference between choosing a reliable water supplier and one which you feel won’t best help your business. 

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