How High Should the Gaming Monitor be on the Desk

You should realize that the height of your monitor will always make a huge difference in how comfortable it would be to use. If the monitor would be too low, you would be holding your head too low too. It will make your neck become strained especially after working after a few hours. This is also the same when your monitor is too high. You can increase the chances that you will get a stiff neck.

How can you protect your neck, shoulder, and eyes? These are some of the tips that you have to remember:

Improve the position of your monitor so that you can avoid glare

The glare from the light source is one of the reasons why you have to squint your eyes. If you would try to squint for long periods of time, this might cause eyesight issues. It is best that the light will come from the side of the screen instead of directly from behind you or behind the monitor. You can move your monitor depending on what will be most ideal for you.

Should you look up or down your screen?

This is always one of the questions of people who would like to position their monitor correctly. They are not sure if they should look up or look down on the screen. You should neither look up or down too much. It should be eye level so that it will be very comfortable for you to work or to play. When you crane your neck too much, you have a higher chance of developing Musculoskeletal Disorders and you do not want that.

Take note that the screen does not have to be directly proportional to your eye level. It should be a few centimeters lower than your eyes. It will help you see your screen better. Make use of your scroll buttons if you need to view your monitor better.

The monitor should be directly in front of you

Some people might say that they are more comfortable when their monitor is a little bit to the left or to the right. This might work well for some people but ideally, your screen will be in front of you. This will help you view things directly.

What if you need to work with two monitors? This should not be an issue. You should place the primary monitor directly in front of you. The secondary monitor can be the one that is placed on the side. If you need to view your second monitor, use your swivel chair to look directly at the monitor. This will help protect your eyes from potential strain.

How far should the monitor be?

Some people may place their computer monitors too far because the screen of their monitor is large. This will still depend on you but most people would recommend that you place the monitor about an arm’s length away. You need to be seated comfortably in order to appreciate the distance of your monitor better.

When you sit too close to your computer monitor, you are going to strain your eyes. When you sit too far away, you are going to struggle to work. Plus, it may be hard for you to appreciate the graphics of the games that you may play. Proper distance will make a lot of difference with your experience.

Always move the monitor not your body

One of the greatest mistakes of people is they usually adjust their bodies depending on what will be most ideal for their monitor. You are the person and a monitor is a machine. You will always have the power to adjust the monitor depending on what will work best for you.

There are different tools that you can get that will help you make the adjustments better. For example, the right computer table will help. If the height can be adjusted, this will be perfect. A monitor stand can also be another option, especially for a secondary monitor. Monitor arms can be great too as long as you would pick the best brand available. If you would try to squint for long periods of time, this might cause eyesight issues. If you are already experiencing some issues, you should get your eyes tested as you may need contact lenses. You may be recommended aqua comfort plus toric lenses.

With all of these things in mind, you can adjust your computer monitor depending on what will work best for you.

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