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For some time now, the world of mobile commerce has been changing. Evermore important in our day-to-day lives, we presently use our mobile devices for a lot more than just making calls. With the easy access to the internet on a mobile device, we do everything from review products to make purchases through our phones.

However, it’s safe to say that already it looks like the year to come, 2021, will not be any different. Ever since the smartphone came to be, every year has seen an increase in their potential and their usage. Now, that is almost impossible to stop growing further.

As we move from one year into the next, what can we expect to see from mobile commerce in the years to come? What do we expect to develop and evolve in the near future?

With mobile commerce likely to see its biggest year yet in 2021, this could become a landmark year for the global trade in general. Using our smartphones, we have more direct power and control over where we shop – and why – than we ever had before in our lives.

So, then, what are the top trends to expect for 2021?

A continued growth

First off, it’s easy to say that growth is going to keep on coming. 2021 shows that we can expect another year of major growth. According to research from signal-boosters, a 25% year-on-year growth is expected, and 2021 is no different. So, we can expect the numbers to keep on involving in terms of the number of people who can access the web with a smart device or mobile device.

Indeed, expert advice and analysis shows that we can expect more and more major sales to come through, particularly around holiday seasons. Around one third of all purchases on Black Friday were made in 2018 using a smartphone or mobile device. This is expected to keep on growing.

Especially around the holiday season, when many people might get a smartphone for the first time, it’s very easy to see why 2021 looks to be a fervent year for growth in this particular market.

Payment protection and processing

One of the biggest fears over the use of mobile commerce was the lack of payment protection. However, with predictions that the e-commerce industry could be worth as much as $3.5tn in 2021 alone, we can expect this industry to see more growth in payment options. One of the biggest changes with the rise of mobile devices is the options for quick, easier payments with the companies we use most.

From Apple Pay to PayPal, we have more options than ever to make a purchase when we are on the go. This is likely to increase in 2021, with experts suggesting that we could see a huge growth in the se of digital wallets in the near future. If you are someone who uses these kind of systems a lot, then expect 2021 to bring about a fair share of new releases for this.

Smarter marketing

One common complaint with the mobile commerce industry is that it’s going to take a toll on our eyes. Clicking on tiny, hard to see text links and similar to make purchases on a mobile device is a problem – one of the main reasons why so many shoppers drop off before making their big purchase.

Expect this to change in 2021 and beyond. The use of larger buttons and more mobile-friendly navigation for just about any kind of commerce is expected. Indeed, some companies are now offering stuff like text message based purchases: you tell the people what you wish to purchase, and they bill you for it via an SMS invoice. It’s super easy and makes a lot of sense, and will play a role in making sure that shopping can become easier again.

While the mobile commerce industry is witnessing rapid and immense growth, it is safe to say that the marketing has to improve. Many sites are still built primarily for desktop use, and this means that a lot of people find it hard to make their intended purchase on the mobile interface. Expect that to change to help ensure conversion rates stay high.

More conversions

Speaking of conversions, expect 2021 to set a new standard for higher conversion rates. Despite being more accessible to a lot of internet users, conversion rates for the mobile industry still lag behind the desktop conversion rates for the most part. Typically, conversions rates were around 3.9% for 2018. However, for mobile devices, it was around 2.3%. That has to change, and 2021 will likely see a lot of businesses doing what they can to change this part of the process.

Expect to see more shoppers begin to start making more purchases as sites do more to help them feel safe. While the interface issues are very much a real issue, the biggest problem often stems from a lack of true and security. That is going to change in 2021, as sites start to make it clearer they carry SSL or EV SSL security certification when using mobile.

Greater Filtering

While making a purchase with a smart device is easier than it might have been already, it’s expected that 2018 will see a huge movement in the way that sites handle the filtering process. This is very important, as at the moment there is a lack of variety and quality in mobile filers.

This is expected to change, with everything from the kind of filters to the ordering and selection of filters very likely to change in the near future. From making the filters easier to actually start up to making sure that filters are compatible with one another, expect a big shift in the way that filters are managed in the year to come.

So, as you can see, there a big expectation of change to come in 2021 for mobile commerce. Such changes are likely to make a telling difference, ensuring you can see rich and lasting quality in one of the most fervent, profitable and widely used industries today.

Mobile commerce is going nowhere – 2021, though, might be its biggest year yet.

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