How Gym Management Software Will Save You Hours of Time

Have you ever been wondering of how much time you spend filling up your excel sheets? Or rather making notes of every detail using a pen and paper? Are you often getting on your nerves by the constant phone calls or WhatsApp messages from your clients leaving you with sleepless nights just for scheduling the next day? How long will you hold onto the pain in scheduling and maintaining your fitness trainers?

Enough is enough!

One of the most important activities in a gym is scheduling. And booking of classes on which you always need to spend thankless hours and money. But you can make this task a breeze by using proper gym management software with the scheduling tool. This tool will allow your clients to book their own classes and it will automatically create schedules for you. So that you can take quick glances every morning or the night before about the day’s schedule. When you set up the right booking automation, you can avoid countless hours surfing spreadsheets and flipping through the pages.

Some other key benefits of this software are that it gives you automated notifications and provides you with the options for credit session deduction.

Let us look into them one by one to know more about the amazing work it automatically does for your fitness centers.

Communicate with each of your clients-

 Your “go to” method of communication with members is email, but you have one problem – Nobody seems to read them? There’s nothing worse than showing up for a class that’s been canceled. In fact, it could be the deciding factor that pushed that member over the line, and into your competitor’s studio. What good is an email when they can’t fetch you good communication?

If you want to be able to connect with your members anytime, anywhere, the internet is where you need to be! One of the greatest benefits of having a scheduling software that is available through the internet for your gym lies in the direct marketing channel that it creates. Once a member registers with your business, they essentially log in and check their appointment status or class timings any time, any day. Through SMS or email notifications, you have the opportunity to send targeted messages to your members. Class updates, promotions, timetable changes, you can send them all directly to the inbox of your member’s smartphone when you have scheduling software for your gym.

As a result, you can drastically reduce class no shows, increase bookings and sales and start building meaningful relationships with all your members.

Manage all your trainers-

 On the other hand, appointment scheduling is not the only bread and butter for your gym, communicating with all your gym trainers is as important as communicating with your trainees and newbies.  Track your team members and their availability seamlessly, right through your mobile instead of making calls or leaving them messages.

Generate invoices-

 The gym management software can also help you in the invoicing process. The client needs to be paid the membership renewals and credits we have talked earlier. By adding automation to this process you can save you a lot of time. When you link the automated invoicing tool to your membership management. This will give alerts on your software about the renewal of the clients. The invoices can be automatically generated with this software. Of course, your client has the freedom to pay the dues in either way. You can also add a direct debit card, credit card and online payment option for good client experience.

With Picktime online scheduling software, you can dig into the roots of your business performance through weekly/monthly reports. From here, simple to use features assure you can gain insights into metrics such as revenue, class bookings, sales, team management, payments and much more within a snap at your fingers.

By keeping track of these metrics every month, you can recognize trends, opportunities for growth and areas where the plan of action and changes may be required.

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