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Gas Leak: The Signs, What to Do and What Not to Do

Natural gas is convenient and safe, yet the gas leak risk is real. Due to its highly flammable nature, a major gas leak can lead to fire and explosion which can result in great damages or even loss of life and property in the worst-case scenario.

Below mentioned are some suggestions on how to react in case a gas leak is suspected to occur:

Emergency Information

If you suspect a gas leak in your home, before everything else, you must evacuate your home immediately and call the Australian emergency services for a gas leaks.

Now, that’s out of the way, let’s start with the signs and symptoms that should tell you if a gas leak occurred in your place.

Gas Leak Signs

Suppose the gas leak is a minor, there may not be the typical smell and other indicative physical signs always. Therefore, even if you do not notice every sign mentioned below, be alert if you spot even any one of them.

  • The typical gas smell which mimics rotten eggs.
  • A strange whistling sound coming from the gas pipe.
  • You may notice a whitish cloud near your gas pipe.
  • Bubbles may appear pot of water stored open.
  • You spotted damage in your gas line.
  • Your houseplants may appear dead.

Physical Symptoms in Human

Apart from the signs mentioned above, people in the home may experience some physical symptoms described below.

  • May struggle to breath.
  • May feel dizziness without any prior history.
  • May feel fatigued, light-headedness, headache, nausea and drowsiness.
  • May experience flu-like symptoms.
  • Throat and eye irritation.

There can be many other physical symptoms like:

  • Sudden mood change,
  • Chest pain, or
  • Your nose may start bleeding, and
  • Even blisters can appear on the skin when exposed to leaked gas directly.

CO Poisoning

When gas doesn’t burn properly due to some leaks, it produces carbon monoxide which is fatal to humans and pets and requires urgent medical intervention. You may experience similar physical symptoms that are caused by a gas leak in the case of CO poisoning too.

What Should You Do If a Gas Leak as Suspected?

At the beginning of this article, we provided you with emergency information, and you must follow the same as the very first step. Now, here’s what to do if there’s a gas leak:

  • Immediately evacuate every member of the family and pets from the home
  • Ensure the doors and windows are wide open
  • Make sure you’re calling these numbers from outside of your home when you’re in an open area, not from the inside.
  • Call an ambulance or the emergency number of a nearby hospital if any person or pet shows physical symptoms.

What You Are Not Supposed to Do in a Gas Leak Situation?

  • Do not use a phone while you’re inside.
  • Do not try to locate the source of the leak by yourself.
  • Do not try to fix the leak.
  • Do not on or off any switch of lights, fans, and other appliances.
  • Do not ignite a matchstick, lighter, candle, or anything similar.
  • Do not close windows and doors.
  • Most importantly, do not act casual and forget to call the emergency numbers mentioned above.
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It will not be wise to assume that there can’t be any gas leak incident just because you’ve installed everything gas-related including cooktop, oven, furnace, and water heater in your home correctly and you use them with adequate care. You might have ensured to go through all the safety measures and carried out the installations by licensed professionals only, still, gas leaks can occur due to myriad of uncontrollable scenarios. In case of a gas leak situation, the best you can do is following this guide carefully and take every precaution to lower the chance of any adverse incident.

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