Fueling Your Car: Super or Special?

“Super or Special?” A question you will hear quite at any gas station a lot if you’re refueling your vehicle…

To answer that question, you have to know exactly what type of fuel is best for your car.

Here, you will find all you need to know about fuel types and what your car is thirsty for…

Keep in mind, more expensive fuel is not necessarily always better for your car.

Let’s dive into it and learn the difference…

Distinguishing Between Fuel Types

‘RON’ is an important shortcut you have to remember – it stands for Octane Rating.

RON measures how easy and effective the fuel combustion happens inside your engine. The higher the RON, the harder it is for the fuel to be ignited because it requires higher levels of pressure to happen.

It is scientifically proven that fuel with higher RON – being harder to combust – gives you more power and a cleaner, safer combustion. Because fuels with lower RON can cause “knocking.” which will damage the performance, along with the value of your car as well.

(Knocking: a phenomenon that happens inside your piston because of inefficient combustion. You can hear a strong slapping sound coming from the engine when it happens – strong waves with a high velocity that cause a disturbance in the piston’s movement and leads to damaging it, and ultimately, damaging your car’s performance)

Also, fuels with higher octane levels contain cleaning additives that work to keep piston injectors clean (injectors are the part that injects the fuel into the combustion chamber). Thus, resulting in longer life expectancy and efficiency for the engine.

Now that we’ve got the technical bits out of the way, let’s move on to fuel types…

Usually, you can find three used fuel types according to octane rate (RON):

Premium Unleaded Fuel (95 RON) – a widely used type of fuel that suits most types of engines

Super Unleaded Fuel (97/98) – a less common usually used in higher-performance cars

Premium Fuel – this kind of fuel contains a high concentration of octane reaching 99 RON, which is used in some cars and said to have lubricating and cleansing effects

In most places around the world, there are two main types of fuel you can use:

Special: which is your regular 95 octane fuel.

Super: which is a more expensive 98 octane fuel.

What You Should Choose for Your Car

On first thought, you might think that using a higher RON fuel for your car is a no brainer, but you should be more careful…

Car makers always recommend using the octane level recommended for the car in the user manual and stress the fact that using a higher-level octane than the one specified for the car can actually result in damage.

At the same time, using a lower RON fuel than what your vehicle requires could be as damaging to the engine, if not even more, and causing the “knocking” phenomenon.

What experts recommend here is to stick to whatever your car provider instructs in the user manual.

Additional Advice

A really good way to make sure you are using what is right for your car is by giving the engine a good listen when you are on the road. If you hear a “knocking” sound – as mentioned above – this means you should be changing the fuel you are using on the next gas station visit.

No matter how clean the fuel you use is, residue and deposits can build up in your fuel lines and injectors and affect your car’s performance.

Another good suggestion here is to use fuel system cleaners… These can help you maintain more power and spend less on fuel, all while keeping your engine clean from fuel residue.

You don’t wish to be in a position where you want to sell your car because of what fuel goes into it… so be careful and keep your car in the best shape it can be so it can serve you best.


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