Different Ways To Improve Post-Purchase Customer Experience

Online business brands often neglect to communicate with customers after they make a purchase. Despite having a robust end-to-end sales process, many organizations miss on including customer feedback post-purchase. Smaller organizations or start-ups focus mainly on getting new customers, retaining old customers, but having a post-purchase customer experience evaluation method is beneficial to every organization in the long run.

Every customer purchase comes with various emotions. Some buy with an intention, a few purchases for a specific reason and some buy for brand loyalty. Some of the common feelings that every customer go through:-

  • Enthusiasm to receive something new
  • Dilemma if we have made the right decision
  • Prediction if we will ever receive the product
  • Anxious if we’ve overspent
  • Curiosity if any competitor is selling the same product at a lower cost

Emotional connection is quantifiable in characteristics, and emotionally connected customers spend more, stick to brands for longer, and also act as referrals to other customers. Understanding the behavior and buying habit, marketers can devise specific strategies to track post-buying patterns.

Conducting brain research behind every customer isn’t possibly fascinating; however, it uncovers crucial data about the customer venture. Marketers can utilize this data to give their brand an image past the deal and to construct trust and devotion with their customers. What do we see, therefore? A higher level of customer satisfaction, more loyal customers, word-of-mouth publicity, and better brand advocacy.

Also, the insights consistently help with the valid data with regards to new customer acquisition, VS customer retention.

It can cost anything from 10 to 30 times more to get a new customer than to hold an existing one. It’s easier to lure new customers with various offers, but once any of your loyal customers become unhappy, it’s hard to retain them.

Improving retention rates and reducing customer churn rates will help increase productivity and profit.

What’s intriguing is that only 15% of companies have a focus on customer retention or customer churn. Rest either has not developed a concrete task or are still figuring out the right strategy for their business.

Fortunately, with a little thought and some straightforward innovation, you can have excellent post-buy experience in the blink of an eye.

So here are 8 different ways you can improve your post-buy customer experience

Give a second thought

Show your customers that you love and respect their customs. It just takes a straightforward ‘thank you’ yet these two words can genuinely have a significant impact on your customer’s post-buy experience and help construct a long-term relationship. Moreover, it’s vital to consider your customer worthy of every purchase

Discounts and Payback

Help lessen post-buy tension by guaranteeing your customer is entirely mindful of your discount strategy and other terms and conditions, including refund or any money-back guarantee. Being straightforward about this will invoke trust with your customer as it shows your image isn’t about deals, and that you comprehend your customers’ needs as well. Giving ready-to-know details before purchasing or at the time of purchase plays a vital role in educating the customer.

‘Step by step instructions’ to details

When your customer buys your product, you need to guarantee they appreciate it. A straightforward ‘how-to-use’ guide can encourage they use the product without any difficulties and ultimately reduces the risk of customers getting frustrated who tried everything to make the product work.

There are multiple ways to do it. You could incorporate an infographic in your email, install a video in your signature, or guide them to a composed guide on your site.

Necessary care tips

A simple expectation here is to guarantee your customer is connecting with their product very well and don’t give up after using it once. While constant engagement is necessary, they must derive value from it. Send consistent tips to customers on a timely basis through email nurturing programs, e-book, whitepapers, and other forms of easy-to-use communication.

Customer satisfaction feedback

An incredible method to improve customer experience is to get feedback from your customers on the items they’ve bought. Tell the customer that you esteem their feelings and that it will help improve your product offerings. Customer satisfaction feedback is not only limited to B2C but B2B companies as well. Most of the companies have external agencies doing customer satisfaction surveys to have an unbiased approach. There are many CX software in the market that will help you with the appropriate questionnaire and accurate analytics.

Remember that the time allotment around buying will differ from customer to customer as to what kind of item they’ve bought. If somebody buys a shirt, they’re probably going to give it a shot immediately, whereas purchasing a PC is considered a few times before the customer contemplates even buying it.

Renewal updates

Renewal automated messages are sent to customers when their item is going to run out, or their service is about to expire. Simple emails or messages that act as reminders create an enhanced experience, and customers feel valued. This straightforward tender loving care improves the customer experience by offering comfort and makes for a great brand experience.

Loyalty points

Go past the thank you note and show that you care for customers at every stage by welcoming them to take part in your loyalty program. Email them encouraging to join and let them know about the advantages and what’s in for them. It can be a small discount, an extension of the trial, or a voucher for being with the brand.

Reciprocal item suggestions

Getting as much data about your customer’s behavior, buying habits, or persona could be useful in building a superior relationship with them. Regardless of whether you have extremely restricted data, the thing they’ve recently bought implies you would now be able to send them an email with suggestions on complimentary items. The choices are unending and will give your customers comfort and motivation.

While companies take great effort in attracting new customers, they should lay particular emphasis on knowing customers, their customs, feedback, and their preferences to hold them to your business for a more extended period.

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