How Using Business Dashboards Can Improve Productivity & Predict Outcomes

Dashboards are tools used to gather business insight aspects that help make decisions that affect the growth of the company. These dashboards collect different types of information through various methods based on the software and the company that developed them.

Information can be used to predict future outcomes, therefore giving you time to prepare and plan for important events. Dashboards can also be used to look for more detailed information in case you need to put more focus on one of the many important aspects of the business.

This tool is designed to monitor business online marketing strategies as well as check on how your website is doing. The software lets you add widgets to services like Pingdom Google analytics and GitHub to monitor how your website is performing


This tool helps people who are not experts to generate great insight similar to what experts get. Domo is suitable for every location and database and is easy to use even if you do not have any knowledge of SQL. The data collected can be turned into charts, tables, pie charts or even presented through PowerPoint. It also has a report generation feature making your work even easier.

Why Unified (Unified Workplace)

Unified Workplace provides a business dashboard which gives you insight into your sales, day to day operations and many other aspects of your business model based on the active applications that you are using, so there would be no need to import the data as it works in sync with the apps that you use in your business every day.

Plus, Workplace includes predictive analytics based on the apps cross-connecting and data-sharing between each other to help predict milestones, barriers and roadblocks before they occur. Unified Workplace is used by millions of users across the United States and United Kingdom and unlike others, it is not open source but it is free.

Open Source Dashboard

This software has a variety of options you choose from where you can utilize your dashboard from. Mostly the options are web-based. They are best for custom stream data integration.

Executive Dashboards: A business dashboard software that offers an executive overview performance on your company. It consists of data from accounting software, customer relations, and website analytic software,

What Dashboard Software Does

  • Help analyze business workflow to understand how suppliers and customers relate and what can be done to improve the business at large.
  • It helps analyze the maintenance data and your system availability and help you to know what parts of your system fail most and how you manage your spares and where to improve.
  • Analyzes and monitors how your business is performing. Helps manage the merits of a business such as time of deliveries, quality, filled orders, waste, etc. it also helps the company to gain a competitive advantage in today’s saturated market.
  • Helps you save money hiring professionals to analyze your business for you.
  • Helps in asset management by keeping track of every asset within your organization.
  • Keeps you aware of how the internal function of your company thrives. These internal functions may include managerial process, calculation of sales, email marketing, audience behavior and every other critical process essential to your business.
  • Creates in-depth and dynamic reports without the need to hire someone else to do it for you.

From individual contributors to the company as a whole, small business dashboard save time due to their hassle-free interface.

How Small Business Use Business Dashboard Software

It’s not easy to track every detail like emails, customer behavior, calculate sales, and every other critical information about the business. That is why it is essential to use a reliable business dashboard to do all of that for you.

There are several ways how a small business uses these tools

They use the business dashboard software as an easy way to keep their financial details under close watch. As a business owner, it takes a lot of time and effort to create and maintain a manual spreadsheet when there is a well-organized business dashboard ready to do all that for you. Instead of spending the time, money and workforce on doing things manually, business dashboards could simply take over the tasks while providing better results in record time.

A small business can utilize the dashboard to keep track of anything that affects the business. It is used to analyze sales patterns through reports that help business owners make important decisions on what direction they should take and what steps they need to avoid to ensure their business is successful.

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