Different Types of Fashion Accessories for Men and Women

Fashion accessories are essential in complementing your outfit as well as express your identity and personality. They are readily available in varying types, quality, shapes, sizes, and hues. There is always something intriguing about someone who carefully picks the right accessories for even simple outfits. When choosing an accessory, ensure that you are moderate to ensure you do not over accessorize as your accessories compete with your outfit instead of completing it. That said, let us focus on the different accessories for both men and women.

How Watches can be Worn as a Trendy Accessory

Watches are some of the best and useful accessories you can invest. With so many designs and brands in the market, your choice can make you stand out. Additionally, luxurious watches can be a showcase of your social status and prestige. For men, watches rank high on accessories and building a collection of watches with different straps to suit the occasion is a great idea. 

Watches not only create a fashion sense but also serve the prime purpose of a watch, i.e., tell time. A watch is a more subtle means to check the time rather than pulling your phone amidst a meeting. Once cared for and treated well, a quality watch will last for a lifetime.  According to a 2015 study, a watch implies punctuality and conscientiousness, What’s more, it is that you can couple your watch with your leather or bead bracelet on the opposite wrist to create an even more elegant look.

Cufflinks as Men Accessories

Cufflinks are jewelry items highly versatile in their make. For example, stone, glass, precious metals, or a combination of these may be used to make them. Cufflinks are not just for men as many tend to presume, but women can also wear them. Traditionally, it is men who mostly wore cufflinks, but at present, the fashion industry has embraced them. 

Women mostly wear cufflinks for special occasions or in the workplace. It is more so when they wear dress shirts to give that professional look. For men, these cufflinks are useful even for casual looks. Additionally, it makes you look more presentable as a man and adds sparks to your personality. Coupling cufflinks with a bracelet will create an impressive look without appearing over-accessorized.


It is funny that at this time and age, people still associate tie with men. Ties come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Sometimes tie is part of a uniform for women. Some offices will also require women to wear ties. Besides, men can add a tie to their outfit for a classier look, for example during special occasions such as weddings.

Sunglasses can Make a Huge Difference

Right sunglasses can significantly elevate your outfit. They are more than just an essential summer accessory; they also protect the eyes from dangerous radiation as well as add harmony to the overall view. UV rays can cause eye complications such as eye burns and cataracts.

Protection from this will require you to pick sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays completely. Different sunglasses will deliver a different look depending on their face shapes. Polarized lens reduces the glare that appears from the radiation. It reflects off from surfaces like water and snow.

Hats will Make You Look Attractive

Generally, it is okay to wear your hat when outside, in public areas, or the streets, your gender notwithstanding. Wearing a hat can prove to be a hectic task for most people. Keep in mind that if your hat has any ornamentation such as a feather or a pin, as a man you should wear it on the left side of your hat. Women, on the other hand, should have these ornamentations on the right side of the hat. 

Also, ensure you observe proper hat etiquette such as removing your hat when it is blocking someone’s view, or you are indoors. Avoid wool hats on casual occasions but save them for days when you wear a suit. For casual wear, baseball caps and beanies are more appropriate. Another tip is to reserve hats with a real brim for days when you wear a collar.

Carry Trendy Bags

Those experienced in the fashion industry will tell you that no outfit is complete without a bag to match. When purchasing a backpack, keep in mind that the prime purpose is to carry items. Women’s handbags and sling bags give hands-free usage to pack their essentials comfortably. For a classier and stylish look, ensure your handbag goes with your shoes even if they are of different colors.

For men, you can treat yourself to a classic designer bag. Women’s bags are available in different designs such as clutches, envelope bags, cross bodies, and even briefcases for formal occasions. Men, on the other hand, may opt for belt bags, duffel bags, messenger bags, and folders.

Complete Your Look with Belts

Yes, you read that right; belts are essential in completing your outfit. They are available in various colors, materials, and width. As simple as they are, they help tie your outfit together. For formal purposes, match your shoes and belts. For ladies, you can use a belt to support your fit or ornament a one-piece outfit or a pair of jeans. Invest in a quality belt and flaunt it whenever you tuck in your shirt. Create a more elegant look by wearing leather belts.

Accessorize Your Look with Bracelets

Different bracelets are available for men and women from all walks of life. Some being more feminine as compared to others. Bead bracelets are one of the most common bracelets. They, in particular, embrace your uniqueness. Bead bracelets are often made with authentic and high-quality materials capable of resisting tears and wears. The beads come in different materials and colors.  Neutral colors such as black, grey, brown, and white are mostly used to make bead bracelets.


Spice your look or that of our loved by getting the right accessory to match their style. You may even decide to gift your lover unique bead bracelets as a symbol of commitment and loyalty. Bead bracelets are a trend that has been in the market for long. Ensure you are not left behind by having at least one pair of bead bracelets. Remember to strike a balance also as you wear all these accessories.

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