5 Best Fabrics To Make Beautiful Prom Dresses

Prom Season is coming and every evening gown is adorning the red carpet. If you are fabric addicted and love to sew your clothes, then why not make your own prom dress, don’t need to spend a fortune on dresses or gowns. Don’t get inspired by spending what celebrities wear. You just need to know how it’s going to be done and the right designs and patterns for your dress.

Why should you make your own prom dress

Sometimes we should follow our dream, and every woman has some goals to look like and make her dream prom dress. Yes, there is always a price for something which is always worth so there will be a high price or wouldn’t be right, so always choose your fabric wisely for your best prom dress.

Whenever we think about prom dresses, it always comes to mind about elegant, ethereal high-quality fabrics like silk, satin lace chiffon, which is used to make a tremendous amount of fashionable wear in events, fashion shows.

Best Fabric for making prom dresses

We are going to help you out to choose the perfect fabric for the dress. We have selected the 5 best fabric for prom dresses for assistance for your dream dress. Every fabric has its own playground to play with it like different fabric suits different shape and cuts. So choose your fabric carefully to ensure that it is the right one for your perfect dress.


Velvet is the best choice for a luxurious ball gown. Velvet will give you richness, shine, and the drama which you can make perfect for a sexy dress.

Velvet is strong and has a beautiful shine and gives you a perfect finish on the dress. Every dress needs a soft and elegant drape to have a comfortable feeling.

Best thing about Velvet

  • Soft and easy to drape.
  • Best textured to touch.
  • Durable and strong
  • Beautiful Shining surface
  • Smooth and real

Velvet can be made from silk or synthetic fibers. Fashion industry is already in love with this rich fabric, and it’s becoming popular day by day.


Chiffon Is a beautiful fabric that is available version. It can be made from silk.cotton, rayon, or synthetic fibers. It is a lightweight fabric that gives you a beautiful drape. It will be an ideal choice for an evening gown.

Chiffon fabric is a crystalline material that is used in layers to create a flow effect. Chiffon is very soft and delicate in appearance. Due to its smooth and transparent features,

chiffon prom dresses continue to be unparalleled beauty with a romantic taste.

Whenever girls put on it, it is not only giving you charm but also makes you proud of it and easy to wear

Best things about chiffon

  • Simple Designs
  • Adjustable according to need.
  • Flexible and durable
  • Transparent and gathers well.

Chiffon fabric is a popular choice for classy and formal evening wear. Chiffon gets its form from the twisted yarns in its production process. It is a smooth fabric which needed to practice to work with it. It’s a light and thin form, which makes it worth Dresses made from chiffon gives a very special feeling.


This is a beautiful traditional fabric made from silk fibers, but it can also be made from synthetic yarns like polyester, which is unique itself.

Best things about Georgette

  • Strong and durable.
  • Bouncy and smooth drape.
  • It is made with highly twisted threads.
  • Wavy like Textures.
  • Feels slightly.

Georgette fabric is a popular choice when it comes to making gowns or prom dress. It has embroidery work which holds them properly, such as beads and sequins. Although these are kept light and minimum, so they keep maintaining fabric shape. thanks to its flexibility which can create flowing and feminine dresses


This fabric is always a popular choice when it comes to elegant wear. Where a highly stitched thread product from twisted fibers and crepe has a lot of wonderful features that make it a favorite choice for dressmakers.

Best things about crepe

  • Beautiful Drape
  • Flexible with stretching
  • High-quality end finish
  • A Grainy, textured surface

Crepe Is known for its shape or pebbled texture. This fabric gives a lot of soft grips and beautiful drape, which crepe is the much-loved fabric in the fashion world.

It is also easy to wear and work on it. So when we talk about prom dress crepe is a great fabric to start with it.


Satin is one of the most common choices when it comes to prom dresses. Most versatile and most durable prom dress fabrics. No doubt satin comes with heavy material with a glossy surface, which makes this surface finishing perfect and shiny.

There is one good thing about this fabric that suits all types of bodies, which is deal for pleats, drapes.

Best thing about satin

  • Highly Glossy
  • Can be made from silk, cotton, wool, and synthetics
  • Typically has a dull back
  • This fabric can be used for bedding, cover, and upholstery

Our choice – Duchess Satin

If We would choose satin fabric, then we would choose Duchess satin, which is favorite among satin. Duchess satin is used for the red carpet dress. It will make high quality tightly woven wear, which is attached to satin. Duchess is soft and smooth, which will be one of the favored fabric for your prom dress.


5 Best Fabrics To Make Beautiful Prom Dresses
5 Best Fabrics To Make Beautiful Prom Dresses

It’s really difficult to say among the best fabric, but we suggest you have two best fabric, which will be the best fabric for your prom dress first will be velvet, which is best among all, and another will be Georgette which is second most choice among it.

Every fabric has its own kind of work which can suit according to its needs. If you want to buy  wholesale dress material then you can buy it online.

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