Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys

Fashion is more than just going with the trends. Fashion is your own way of expressing yourself.
It is not just for tall, buff guys because fashion knows no built or height.

However, sometimes, the world is cruel that if you do not have the muscular body, you are seen lesser of a fashionable person. Despite that, there’s a way to ace your fashion look despite having a skinny type of physique.

Here are tips to help be a fashionable Skinny Guy.

High Self-Esteem is the Key

You might be wearing the most expensive shoes, or a branded shirt that costs a thousand box, but guess what? You still look unfashionable! Why? Because there is no confidence seen in you! Your outfit is meant to be worn, so wear it like you own it. Don’t let it wear you because you are not confident about yourself. Self-esteem is your key to nailing it.

Choose Light-Colored Shirts

Let’s compare a  6 x 6 dark room to a 6 x 6 white room. Which one is more spacious? The answer is the white one. Thus, if you were slim and you were to choose a color of your shirt, which one would go for? Dark colored clothes or the light-colored ones? If you want to be skinnier, then go for the dark ones, but for sure you are here because you have slim guy problem, so definitely, you should go for the lighter shades.

Go shop online for the best dress shirts for you. You may check light blue shirts from Nimble Made.

Go, Layer Up!

This is basic to understand. You do layering to add size in your slim physique. 2 to 3 clothes are enough to make look bigger than your size. Dress shirt plus sweater plus Blazer, then you are good to go. This technique is especially perfect when the wheather is cold because you won’t seem to be hiding your skinny body as almost every one around you is layering up too.

Choose Thick Sweaters

Sweaters can make you sweat when it’s hot, but if it’s winter, slim guys can opt for the thick ones. It’s hitting two birds with one stone: fight the cold weather and look bulkier at the same time.

Suit for a More Muscular and Professional Look

Wearing suit gives you a formal look, but more than that, it is also good for layering. There is an added size and added smart appeal to you. If you are an office worker, this one is perfect for you, so if you are just a long sleeves type of slim person, it’s time you level up with professional suit.

Varsity Jackets for the Sporty Look

While this is too casual, this is also helpful in adding bulkiness to your built. Because sports men are seen very muscular, wearing sports jacket makes you appear beefier.

Choose the Right Stripe Pattern

You think  you can go for any stripes pattern you want? Well, you are wrong.
Slim guys need to look wider, so avoid vertical stripes. This pattern makes you taller, but it makes you slimmer too. On the other hand, horizontal stripes are every slim guy’s best friends. Those horizontal stripes on your chest make it a littler wider, and so is your whole upper body.

Don’t Forget About Your Neck

This might be the most overlooked part, but I’m telling you, this can rain on your parade when you think you look beefier in your layered outfit. Why? Because when people see that slim neck, obviously, your deep dark secret is revealed. Funnel neck or Zip neck are just two of the classics. Also, you may ask help from Shawls to hide that skinny guy’s neck!

V-necks Are a Big No!

It is specifically helpful if you have the chest to show off, but slim guys must avoid it as it draws attention to your slim neck and and slim frame. You might as well go for the round necks as they add width to your neckline.

Avoid Wearing Big Accessories

Sure accessories are helpful in adding style to your fashion sense. Silver or gold necklaces make people think you have so much cash in your pocket. A watch tells people you are a responsible person and you value time. However, huge accessories give emphasis to your being slim. Let’s say a watch that is too bulky shows your slim wrist.

Take Advantage of the Shoulder Pads

People tend to forget the magic broad shoulders can do. Shoulders that seem weak emphasize your being slim. Thus, with shoulder pads, there’s an instant answer to your problem. Pads make your shoulders look bulkier and broader.

Choose shirts that Fit

One common mistakes slim people make nowadays is wearing extra large shirts because they think it makes them look bigger too. However, the bitter truth is that it just makes them look slenderer.  Clothes that fit you just right make you appear more proper and add finesse to your look.

Go for Straight Cut Pants

Sure skinny jeans are okay, but if you are slim, and especially tall, you will look skinnier wearing this kind of pants. It emphasizes length more than your bulkiness. While straight cuts jeans make your legs appear bigger.

Opt For Slim Shoes

I have seen many times a lot of skinny guys wearing bulky sporty shoes. They might have thought they looked cool in it in reality they looked like that fast food mascot wearing oversized shoes. Go for a well-fitted pair of shoes. A pair of shoes that fit you well makes you easy on the eye.

Final Words

If you want to be fashionable but you are too skinny to be one, fret not because the tips given above are just tailor made for you. In this day and age where serious diseases, like cancer, are cured, your skinny guy problem is just a walk in the park. Follow the given pointers, and ace your next fashion walk.

Atif Mallo

Atif Mallo is a freelance blogger with huge interest in technology, science, life hacks and health. He loves coffee, cheesecake and chess. Drop a line in comments to leave feedback for him.

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