The Top 10 Influencers on Snapchat for Fashion

Whether you are a brand or ordinary users using a video and message sharing app you want a content that is engaging, interactive and fun.  Many brands are in search for influencers who can help them gain attraction and connection through their own followers. Others Marketers create their own strategies or campaigns with snapchat ads.

Influencers play a bigger part for marketers to partner them into their sponsored content campaign or to do a takeaway of a brand channel these elements become achievable through an influencers reach.  As the main or stand out element for snapchat to gain viewership within 5 years is due to its disappearing nature of the snaps that is gone after 24 hours.

Second best component for brands to turn their heads towards snapchat is a probably high engagement possibility which surely is guarantee. This is because of the one second content which increases the attention span as the content won’t show up again.

List of 10 most influencers on Snapchat to follow for fashion

Free APA reference Generator has listed 10 most popular influencers who have blown the subscribers rate to millions with their unique way of content videos, and photos.

Reese Witherspoon

Everybody knows the most popular actress, producer and entrepreneur she is a highest paid actresses in the world. She is the supermom that is fashionable, fun and uses many filters to captivate users. She is a modern mom who takes help from snapchat to communicate with her kid, also shows them they aren’t the only one who knows how to use social media and they do not need to teach her how to use it. She also admits that she send weird snaps to communicate with her kids in a goofy and fun way. 

Lilly Singh

She is a famous YouTuber, a comedian, talk show host and actress. She has been recently on the list of Forbes most paid YouTuber star and was ranked tenth. She has maintained an online presence which has led to her production of an independent documentary the name is “A trip to Unicorn Island,” the sponsorship was led by Coca-Cola.  She has chosen Snapchat to show the world a fun side of her regular update on the daily routine. She makes fans indulge in her silly filters, weird ways to make fans have smile on their faces.  

Damsel in Dior

She is a Fashion lover, a traveler, an entrepreneur and also a famous décor Blogger. Her blogs earned her fame and recognition with led to her features in The Huffington Post to Vanity Fair. She owns a website called Damsel in Dior which delivers fashion, travel, home décor and lifestyle, she spread tips, ideas and creativity to inspire others keep their life perfect. With the help of snapchat she promotes our clothing line and shows behind the scene of her experiences.

DJ Khaled

He is the King of Snapcaht, where his each snap tends to produce highly engaging content with millions of fans getting entertained by it. The secret of his successful fans following is being authentic and no fakeness, showing the world something real and people would love it.

Kylie Jenner

Who is not aware of Kylie Jenner? She is famous, fabulous TV personality. Her family with herself has been popular through a reality show keeping up with the Kardashians. Her fans are so loyal and influenced by her personality that on 2018 she announced Snapchat dead, and left the app. This news spread like a fire and many fans declined the use of which led to the stock plummet drastically.   She is called as a Queen of Snapchat.

Kim Kardashian

She is most popular businesswomen and a well-known model that stars at the reality show keeping up with the Kardashians. However, her fans were waiting for her appearance on snapchat just like Kylie Jenner. After the presence of Kim on Snachat were followers boost at millions where she provide stories of her lifestyle, kids and her husband.

Chrissy Teigen

A Model, author a mother and a wife of John Legend, she is outspoken funny and also relatable. As she is a mom she is devoted in displaying recipes through snapchat with his passion of writing she has introduced a cookbook which has all the recipes people would crave of. With her cookbook become popular lately this is why she got on the news for another smashing cookbook recipes which have already been promoted as a hashtag craving2.

Amanda Cerny

If you have seen funny videos on vine or YouTube Channel you must know Amanda yes the beautiful girl who has a nice body too. She has shifted her followers to Snapchat world where her followers rating have earned 2 million subscribers. She was even a playboy playmate of the month in 2011. law essay help online has partnered with Amanda to promote the educational issues related to students.

Ashley Graham

She is been recognized for her plus size and started her career in modeling. She usually shares stories of her modeling life. She stars at the Swimsuit issue which was for the sport Illustrat 2016. She speaks about the body shamming and body image in high schools and other social media platforms.

Brittany Furlan

She is a Los Angeles-based comedian, a famous social media celebrity.  Has been active in all social media sites including Snapchat, and also featured on Vine for funny sitcoms. She has been on hype for her engagement to Tommy Lee of Moltey Crue.

Final verdict  

These 10 Snapchat influencers has been crushing down the roads of social media platforms and making the stories, videos sharing on the next level through their own performance.

Author bio

Lilly Amber has been inspirational writer who is addicted with snapchat where she updates stories and filters to create engagement with fans. She was a blogger of her own website.

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