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A Countdown of The Worst Birthday Gifts You Can Give Your Lady

So, it is her birthday. As is normally the case, most women tend to hold their birthdays in high regard. Often, there is the slight self-loathing that goes with the feeling of getting one year older. But, in most cases, she will celebrate, even if it is lying low at home with a meal and a movie.

Naturally, it is a tense time for any gift-giver, especially the boyfriend or hubby. But there are several things guys simply should not get their girlfriends or wives for their birthdays – unless she openly asks for them.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 worst birthday gifts for her

1. Cheap Perfume

This just screams, “I did not have the time to look for a birthday gift, so this is all I could think of.” If you buy shoddy perfume as a birthday gift for her, she might feel obliged to use it. Choosing scents is a very personal decision. So leave it to her.

You can consider taking her to do the shopping if you are bent on buying your lady perfume.

2. Dinner at An Awful Restaurant

When ladies think about their birthday, more often than not, their heads are flooded with images of champagne, flowers, dinner by candlelight, not to mention chocolate, and lots of it! One sure-fire way to smash her little daydream to smithereens is to take her to a fast food joint or the local restaurant down the road just because you could get two meals for one. If you take your lovely lady to dinner, make sure you wine and dine her at her favourite place. Make a reservation, familiarise yourself with the menu ahead of time, and spruce yourself up a bit when you take her out.

3. Cash

This is perhaps one of the most impersonal; thoughtless birthday presents for her – ever. If you have been with your beloved long enough to call her your girlfriend or wifey, you should know what she likes. Giving cash is as good as telling her you could not be bothered to get her anything.

4. Clothing That Does Not Fit

NEWS FLASH: if you buy something too big, she might get the impression you think she needs to lose weight. If you buy something too small, she will feel fat because she cannot fit into it. Clothes do not – and I repeat – do not make impressive birthday gift ideas for her, not only for the aforementioned reasons but also because she will feel compelled to wear something that she hates just because you have bought it for her.

5. Kitchen Appliances and Cleaning Equipment

A toaster does not even rank as a birthday gift for her! And as for mops and vacuum cleaners, Do not even go there. What could be less romantic? So, no matter how good the deals are at the supermarket or kitchen store, opt to buy something a little more personal and romantic.

Don’t know what to get the special lady in your life? Whether she is your wife, girlfriend, sister, or best friend, we have got an inspiring range of birthday gifts for her to suit all budgets and tastes. From engraved jewelleries, personalised sparkling rosé wine, or even a terrific assorted cupcake box from a cake delivery in chennai service are guaranteed ‘happy gifts’ that can be considered as the perfect birthday present for her.


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