Corner Computer Desk: Everything You Need to Know

Also called an L-shaped desk, a corner computer desk is an ideal furniture piece for an office, where efficiency and use of space are significant issues. As the name suggests, it is designed to be used with a laptop and computer.  However, the question is, why would you want to put your desk in a corner?

An obvious answer is to save space! You can install a corner desk in a region of your home or office which is usually ignored. In this way, it becomes a great option for people with limited space.

How does a Corner Computer Desk Look Like

Unlike traditional rectangular tables, a corner desk is an L-shaped furniture piece that covers less space and offers a bigger workplace. Due to its shape, it can be placed in room corners.

With the evolution in office furniture, corner desks have also changed over time. Earlier, they were plain pieces in the shape of L. Today, you have multiple options to choose from. They include:

  • Desks with D-end
  • Desks with or without drawers
  • Span desks with return
  • Electronic height adjustable workstation

Benefits of a Corner Computer Desk

●     Room Efficiency

A corner desk is an ideal workstation for small organisations and home offices. It is a compact furniture item that can be installed in a corner to easily access other areas of a room. Here, one thing to remember is that compact does not mean small or narrow. Even a small desk features plenty of space to keep your computer on it and store other supplies.

●     Easy Access

Since it does not cover a large area of your place, you can move as you want.

Apart from that,it is easy to access the desk – especially when you have an electronic sit-stand workstation. Equipped with features like height-adjustability, the desk gives you the freedom to choose between seated and standing while working. In this way, you can work for many hours without feeling tired or exhausted.

●     Multi-purpose

Although it is named a corner computer desk, you can use the piece for many other purposes, other than placing a computer or laptop over it. The desk features plenty of space to keep other essential office items like files, telephone, and stationery. Some furniture pieces also feature drawers to store items that you may require once or twice a day.

●     Distraction Free

It is a perfect option for people who multitask. The piece allows you to easily access other parts of the room. Apart from that, it can be installed to face a wall to avoid distractions; in this position, the desk prohibits you from paying attention to comings, goings in the room.

Popular Corner Desk Design Ideas

Gone are the days when a corner office desk was an option only to save space. Today, it is a stylish furniture item that matches with other décor pieces in a room. It is a more functional and iconic desk. Below are some extremely popular design ideas:

●     Wood Corner Desk

When it comes to designing a stylish furniture piece, there is hardly a material that can compete with wood. The prominent substance helps achieve an elegant and classic style.

Many wood corner desks come with or without drawers. You can choose one of them considering your space requirements.

●     Corner Desk with D-end

It features a modern design that features a D-end, instead of a plain structure. Made of wood, the furniture piece comes with more space than a rectangular table. Similar to standard desks, it may or may not have drawers. Also, it has a cable entry hole to easily install a computer and keep it on the desk.

●     Electronic Height Adjustable Desk

The most modern form of office corner desk, it is a sit-stand workstation that can be adjusted as per your requirements. A high-quality product features a 3-stage frame design and a twin-motor to lift the weight. Apart from that, it is equipped with a sleek control panel to set positions.

How to Choose a Corner Computer Desk

A perfect L-shaped desk is the one that matches your requirements. Also, it must be spacious enough to keep your computer/laptop on it and store other essential items.

Ensure that a product you are planning to purchase is made of high-quality material. Apart from that, make sure that the supplier is a certified company that specialises in office furniture. Explore your options, and choose one that suits your requirements and fits your place.

The Bottom Line

A corner computer desk is an easily-accessible, space-saving, and cost-effective furniture item that holds power to increase your productivity. When chosen wisely, it delivers exactly what you expect from it – comfort, durability, and functionality.


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