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When Should You Consider Using VPS Hosting (and how to begin)?

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is where a single physical host or server is divided into multiple virtual components, where each virtual section operates as its own unique, private server. Upgrading to VPS Hosting will open your company up to a plan that offers a wider array of resources and features, at a great cost. This is different from a shared hosting plan, as in shared hosting you simply split server resources with other websites. This isn’t private and limits your use of core, essential server functions.

When should you consider VPS Hosting?

You should always be on top of the increasing or decreasing requirements of your web page. Your business is, if not fully, heavily relying on a solid online presence in order to thrive. Therefore, your site deserves your full attention. Be proactive with meeting your online platforms’ needs and you’ll watch your audience and click-through rate grow significantly. A few indicators that its time to move onto a private hosting server include:


Your page is getting 100-200 visits per day

You’re seeing an increase in bounce rate

Your website’s loading time is on the rise

You’re thinking about running multiple sites

The privacy and security settings on your site aren’t optimal

You want more control over your hosting server

If your website is getting more traffic but it’s struggling to retain it, due to lagging or slow loading times, you definitely need to consider upgrading your server. Even if you’re still on a shared server plan and you’re spending hours trying to fix the sluggish load times, you should consider the cost-effectiveness of your man-hours.

By investing in a VPS host, you’ll minimise the time you spend repairing a low functioning website as well as guaranteeing a better user experience for your visitors, both of which will aid to grow your business and increase your profits. The slight increase in server investment has a big return in the long run! Remember that you can increase or decrease your usage and storage space on your VPS Host to cater to any fluctuations in your business.

How to Begin

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your web page with VPS hosting, you need to take three essential steps:

  1. Find the right plan for your business
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The great thing about VPS is that there is an abundance of plans that will suit any business’ online presence. Whether you’re big or small, choose a plan with enough storage and bandwidth for you.

  1. Learn how to connect

You will be interacting with your new server directly, which requires a command line (see step three!) To connect with your server, you’ll need a Secure Shell client. This is a type of application which allows you to interact with your server.

  1.  Use the command line

The command line operates with text commands, which will take some practice and some research. However, once you’ve got the basics memorised you’ll be travelling swiftly in no time.

If you want to get started with VPS Hosting and you don’t know where to turn, connect with an Australian VPS Hosting service that can provide you with the products, advice and solutions to take your site to the next level. 


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