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How to choose the Best Mop for Laminate Floors

As homeowners, you should know well how to maintain the cleanliness in the house. I know how much you hated seeing stains, dusts, soil and mud on the floors. That’s why you make sure to mop it every day. However, you can’t just use any mop because it needs to be specifically designed for your laminated floor. This only means that you should know the type of mop to use because each type comes with a purpose.

Anyway, this is not the only factor that you are going to consider when choosing the best mop for laminate floors. It would be great, if you can also enumerate the benefits of using mops on the laminate floors as well as its qualities.

Types of Mop for Laminate Floors

One of the types to consider is the Steam Mop. With this, you can clean the floor by steaming it. This only means that you also need water to produce the steaming process. Actually, it is an effective way of cleaning the floor and eliminating bacteria due to the heat that is coming from the steam. By the way, you need to set or control the temperature to be safe. You do not need to apply any chemical here. It means that it is not risky to one’s health. And then, it can minimize the chances of fading the color.

Another solution is to use a Spray Mop. Through the head of the cleaning machine, the spray comes. And then, as you move along, you are also cleaning the sprayed part. The solution used will depend on your preference. Just make sure that it won’t damage the laminate floor.

Well, the most common type that you may use at home is the Spin Mop. Actually, this is the cheapest and most durable mop available on the market today. But this is not as good as the first two mops because this one is simply for regular cleaning – dust and dirt. It is usually dry because first, you have to soak it in the water. After that you have to spin and dry it. Therefore, it is not specifically designed for sticky stains.

Lastly, we have the Dry Mop, which is mostly made out of microfiber material. This is an ideal mop to remove dirt. Remember that this is dry and lightweight. Therefore, it is good for eliminating hair strands as well as fresh spills.

Qualities of the Mop

Basically, you have to check the quality of the mops to make sure that it will last long. If possible, it has to have a handle with an adjustable height. And then, the cleaning head must have the capability to swivel. You also need to ensure that the cleaning head will just have the appropriate size and shape as well. Every feature of this mop has to be lightweight, but durable for your ease and convenience.

Benefits of Using a Mop

First of all, mops are helpful, especially when it comes to removing dusts and stains. Sometimes, sweeping or using a vacuum cleaner is not even enough to remove the mess, right? Well, this is possible when you are using a mop on the floor without even scratching the surface. Therefore, the risk of reducing the value of your property is also prevented. I guess, this is not just an advantage, but would be beneficial to you as well.

Always look for a mop that would be versatile. It could either be used as dry or wet. You do not always clean just dry surfaces, right? When you have kids at home, then pretty sure that you cannot avoid milk and food spills on the floor. Therefore, you should make sure that you can also use the mop to clean such sticky stains. Anyway, just choose a type that can help you mop thoroughly, so that you can avoid repeating the mopping task.

It would be great, if you are going to choose a mop with a lightweight feature. Sometimes, you are already far from where you started mopping, but later on, you may find out that you have missed some spots. With a handy mop, then there would be no problem, even if you have to go back. Anyway, as long as there are just a few missed spots, then it is good to buy.

Another good thing that you must greatly consider is the coverage of this map. If you have a large space, then pretty sure that you would like to choose a mop with larger coverage. However, you have to make sure that it would still be lightweight, so that you won’t easily get tired. By the way, having a huge mop head is also great because it is more durable. Through its swivel, you can cover a larger area, anyway. So, you should check this, too.

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