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Boosting Your Brand Name with Promotional Giveaways

From a marketing standpoint, providing corporate giveaways is an effective strategy to raise the awareness and recall of a company’s brand. This idea is supported by a study conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), which showed that vendors who give corporate gifts to their clients are more likely to be contacted again. 

Additionally, it was seen that providing corporate giveaways increases sales, generates more potential client leads and results in more referrals. This gift-giving marketing strategy has also been a common practice to develop and maintain relationships with their clients. As such, companies like Prime Promotional offer customised giveaways that are sure to boost your brand’s reputation.  

Appropriate gifts 

Typically, corporate gifts showcase their company’s logo on the item. As a tip, choose gifts that are practical so that they can be used every day by their recipients. 

Office supplies made by Prime Promotionals like Monte Carlo desk clocks, Milan Photo Frame, and notepads with your logo are a good way of reminding them of your company. Giving flash drives and double-wall mugs will also be appreciated since they are very convenient for everyday use. In addition, travel bags and t-shirts are common giveaways as well. 

Aside from the corporate logo, personalised gifts are also ideal gifts. They will make your company look sincere and thoughtful. Printing their name on an item, instead of simply giving a generic one, will ensure that your investment will not go to waste.

Considerations on gift-giving

It is advised that you limit your gift-giving during the holiday seasons and special events. This is a good gesture to remind your clients that your company is mindful of them. Giving your client a gift for every transaction is unnecessarily wasteful. If they are regular clients, there is no need to provide incentives because they will order from you even without getting a reward. Furthermore, try putting yourself in their shoes. Would you appreciate it if almost all your belongings had a stamp from someone else’s company? Therefore, when it comes to gift-giving, timing is one of the keys to ensure that your gift has an impact.

Another consideration when giving a gift is its amount. It is not advised that you provide lavish gifts to your clients. In Australia, giving gifts is tax-deductible, but there are limits. As a general rule, you are allowed to allot $10,000 per financial year. By law, these gifts should be voluntarily given and unconditional. This is why you should stick with simple corporate giveaways and not expensive rewards. If you are doing mass promotion, your gift budget should be around $2-5 so that it would not put too much dent on your budget. Providing corporate gifts that are $30 above may be too lavish and costly for your company.  

Ethics on giving corporate 

There are situations where giving corporate gifts is not appropriate. For instance, if your company is in the middle of a bidding deal with a potential client, giving gifts can be construed as bribery. In addition, you are not allowed to coerce your clients or expect them to give something to you back simply because you provided them with a gift.

  • Giving corporate gifts is an acceptable practice aimed at improving client relationships and boosting marketing practices. Your recipients can very much appreciate getting items that are practical and personal. To make it even more impactful, make sure that you give your gifts at appropriate occasions like holidays and special events. With this practice in place in your company, you will surely boost your brand’s name.   

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