Best Free Screen Recorder Software in 2021

IObit Screen Recorder

The purpose of the screen and video recorder software is to take screenshots and record videos. This software can take snapshots of the desktop or any ongoing activity on the screen.

As IObit Screen Recorder is one of the screen and video capturing software that is very beneficial for any kind of sector. It actually helps its users to take snapshots of any activity and area on the screen so that user can save results for later or to share with anyone.

Why IObit Screen Recorder is perfect?

IObit Screen Recorder is a user-friendly, easy to use, and free of cost screen capturing software that is available online. While using this software, you will never face any restrictions or limitations.

After capturing the screen and recording the video, this screen recorder offers you quick editing as you want without any barriers. That’s why it is considered the perfect online screen recorder.

How to Record Screen using IObit Screen Recorder?

You can find the IObit Screen Recorder online. Once you install this software a simple dialogue box will open where you can see different options available. It’s all options are quite easy for all kinds of users, whether you are a beginner or an expert. While starting the video, one thing that you must keep in your mind is to select the area of the screen, you want to record.

How to Record Screen using IObit Screen Recorder

Such as in the below image you can see the “Full-Screen button” below “select a region”.  Whereby pressing drop down you can see multiple formats such as select window, select region, fixed ratio (4:3), fixed ratio (16:9), recently used (488 x 464), and recently used (788 x 454). You can choose whatever you want.

Upload to the internet

Once you complete the recording and editing of the video you can upload it on any platform such as social media, YouTube, etc. IObit Screen Recorder is free tool that allows you to edit video as well as upload it.

You just need to create your account. For example, in the below menu you can see the option “upload”. To upload you just need to right-click on the video, then click upload and choose any platform you want e.g Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Benefits of IObit Screen Recorder

Capture High-Quality Snapshoots and videos

With the help of this free screen recorder, you can capture high-quality images and videos as well. For capturing you just need to highlight the region. Moreover, you can save the video in MP4 or WMV file format.

Video Tutorials

If you want to create a video tutorial, the IObit Screen Recorder is the best option to choose as it not only grab your PC operations. But also helps to highlight the cursor movement. Furthermore, you can also edit cursor size and color.

With so many features and benefits, IObit Screen Recorder is so far the best free screen recorder software.

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