Advantages of Online Timecard Calculator

People had to manually calculate the Timecard based on their time clocks in the past. However, calculating hours by hand is time-consuming and error-prone. Timecard calculators save the day. This tool is handy for busy managers who don’t have the time to manually calculate the time and hours for every employee.

When you have several employees who work at different locations, it is often helpful to have a tool to keep track of time.

What is Timecard Calculator?

A Timecard calculator is a helpful tool for time tracking in the workplace. This tool will calculate an employee’s hours worked and break in a day. It also auto-deducts breaks from the total hours worked. To customize the report, you can enter an employee’s name, date, and break times.

How do you calculate a Timecard?.

  • You’ll need to know how many hours each employee is working.
  • To figure out the hours each has worked, you need to calculate the starting and ending times.
  • Subtract the starting time from the ending time of employees’ entire shifts.
  • Convert an employee’s working hours in decimal and take out its percentage out of 100.
  • Repeat the process during the pay period to get an accurate result.

Issue Faced in manual  Timecard Calculation

  • The main problem with manual card time calculation is that it takes time and effort.
  • Moreover, if any mistake occurs during the calculations, the results are affected, and you have to re-calculate the worksheet.

Features of Timecard calculator

Time tracker

  • You can use it to track multiple employees’ hours or keep track of lunch deductions and weekly work hours.
  • The program also helps you total your employee’s work hours and attendance entries, which are vital for compliance with legislation.

Automatic hours Calculation

  • A time card calculator can make calculating payroll for your employees easy.
  • Instead of manually calculating how much your employees are worth, a time card calculator can calculate the total hours and payment info next to each employee’s name.
  • The time card calculator will also indicate how many overtime hours your employees have worked.
  • A time card calculator will calculate the time that an employee worked based on a different rate than the rest of their day when it comes to overtime.

OverTime Tracker

  • When an employee works more than his shift, it will automatically count those hours as overtime.
  • It also keeps track of breaks and shows those hours next to the total number of hours worked.
  • Overtime hours can be automatically deducted, making it easier to keep track of hours worked and payroll.

Importance of Timecard Calculator

A time card calculator is essential if you use employee time cards. The problem with handwritten time cards is that they can quickly become unreadable. You must contact each employee and manager to get the time corrected to fix this. You will also have to waste time tracking down physical timesheets and redoing the math. A time card calculator is a wise investment. Your employees will appreciate this.

A time card calculator is an excellent tool to bill clients for their time accurately. You can use a time card calculator to keep track of your employees’ hours each day. You can use it to keep track of employee hours across projects and bill them correctly.

Advantages of Timecard Calculator

Salary calculator

  • It calculates salaries by considering the number of hours worked and adding pay rates for specific periods.
  • The results can then be compared to calculate a total salary.

Overtime pay

  • A time card calculator for overtime pay can help you track each employee’s hours and pay rates.
  • You can also use this calculator to track carryover hours from partial workweeks. The time card will be updated each time you use it.
  • You can enter the number of hours for a day and then calculate how many hours were worked over that number.


  • The timecard calculator is handy for businesses of all sizes.
  • It helps firms cut back on payroll time, a vital element of profitability.
  • It can also help you analyze your workforce’s resource efficiency and identify areas that need improvement.

Use of Timecard Calculator

  •  Using a time card calculator can help you track employee hours and keep track of overtime.
  •  It can help you determine an employee’s average wage and accurately calculate how many hours they worked in a week.
  •  It can also be used to create a time card for individual employees.
  • Employers can use these time cards to keep track of employee hours for payroll purposes.
  • Using a time card calculator can help you keep track of your employees and make decisions more effectively.

Pros of Using a Timecard Calculator

There are the following pros to using a Timecard calculator in your business.

  • It will make payroll more accurate. Another, it ensures that you’re paying your employees for the hours that they’ve worked.
  • One advantage is that it helps managers keep track of their employees’ time, and they can use this to see if they’re overbilling.
  • It is also essential to choose a time card calculator that’s easy to use for yourself and your employees.

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