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7 Technologies Used by Online Casinos

The number of online casinos has risen in recent years, and these online gambling sites have emerged as serious rivals of their land-based counterparts. The success of these online gambling operators can be attributed to their embrace of modern technology and their willingness to incorporate innovations to the products and services that they offer.

These online casinos use innovations like web security technology, random number generators, cryptocurrency, mobile platforms, VR and AR technology, predictive analytics, and digital marketing to give online players the best possible gambling experience on the internet.

Some people still prefer the traditional way of gambling and it’s also true that nothing beats the fun and excitement of the real casino experience. But with our modern world moving fast and everything going digital, the future of gambling lies with these online casino operators.

Let’s take a look at seven technologies that are being used by online casinos.

Web Security Technology

Casinos use various cybersecurity technologies to ensure the safety of their customers’ data and information. One of those is SSL encryption which is responsible for encrypting the data that is shared between the online gambling operator and the casino player. This technology prevents third parties from stealing vital information that can be used to steal finances and even identities.

Aside from SSL encryption, online casinos also use 2FA or two-factor authentication. This technology uses two or more pieces of evidence before a user can loginto an online account. An example of this is when an online site requires verification via text or email before a gambler can access his account.

Random Number Generator

When you go to a land-based casino, dealers randomize the cards by shuffling them. Dice are rolled to get results, and players need to spin the wheel to hit the jackpot. Because you don’t get to do these in an online casino, gambling operators on the web use random number generators to produce the outcomes of casino games.

Using RNG, the roll, shuffle, or spin is replaced by a mathematical formula that produces random numbers to generate game results. Because this technology doesn’t need any external input to generate outcomes, RNG assures online gamblers that the outcomes of online casino games are not fixed.


Online casinos have introduced many different payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. These payment channels are used to deposit funds to your online casino account or withdraw the winnings that you have accumulated from playing at an online casino.

In the last couple of years, online casinos have embraced cryptocurrency as one of the payment options accepted in their sites. This cryptocurrency technology has gained popularity among online casino players because of advantages like security, low transaction fees, and ease of use.

Mobile Platforms

The online casino industry has also embraced mobile technology and incorporated it into their business. In the past, online gamblers raved over the ability to access casino sites from the comfort of their home computers. But these online gambling operators have taken that convenience to the next level by allowing their members to play online casino games using their mobile devices.

The technology of mobile gambling has given online gamblers the ability to place bets even while they are on the go. These players can also make those last-minute bets without having to drive anywhere. With almost every person in the world owning an internet-capable mobile device these days, online gambling has become more accessible than ever.

VR and AR Technology

Loginto online casinos and you will find online slots that can be played with wearable technology. Using virtual reality or augmented reality, you will experience an excellent blend of video game graphics and real-life interactions when you play games with wearable headsets.

Of course, headsets and other wearables need an initial investment from you. But not only is that cost worth the experience, the progression of technology has also helped the prices of these devices to go down. More importantly, wearables are more affordable these days, and they are also being continually improved to give users optimal playing experience.

Predictive Analytics

Online gambling operators implement what is known as predictive analytics to tweak and adjust games according to the behavior of their players. Aside from the ability to provide their customers with a personalized gambling experience, predictive analytics also enables online casinos to maintain a customer database which helps them graph a player’s value and even predict profitability.

This technology has become so important in the online casino industry that it occupies the largest market share in the global $10.7 billion-dollarcasino management systems market.

Digital Marketing

The last technology used by online casinos in our list is the most obvious one, and the one all of us are used to seeing every day—digital marketing. Any computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of information and ideas through the internet falls under the definition of digital marketing. This includes social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, pop-ups, mobile ads, and more.

Approximately 4 billion people in the world are active online, so most online casinos use the internet as the primary battleground for marketing. While offline channels can direct potential users to gambling sites, conversions are easier when a user is already online. Most, if not all, online gambling operators have advertisements across all digital platforms, and they use these to promote their businesses to a global audience.

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