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10 Best Perfume Boxes Design for Your Business

Fragrances have been around for centuries. Applying them today might make us wonder they were invented in the modern era. Yes, these fancy perfumed are being made only in the advanced age we live in but there were always modest forms of it available in any era throughout human history.

Consider Ancient Egyptians. They used to make an amalgam of different oils to get rid of any stench that might have been around them or just to make themselves appealing to their loved ones. They also invented glass and one of the most commonplace uses of it was to store the scents they made.

The Romans also romanticized fantastic scents and used them extensively in their lives. Later on, Arab chemists perfected the art of creating quality scents and their use spread throughout the Arab world. During the Dark Ages in Europe, perfumes saw a massive decline in their usability because the people thought it was immodest to put them on their bodies. During this period it was mostly used for religious purposed or as a medicine.

Later in the 16th century, perfumed started gaining popularity once again. It all started in France. Their nobility and upper class became perfume aficionados. Cologne was also invented and it became a huge success. Perfumed leather merchandise such as shoes and belts were gaining traction.

As industrialization became more and more advanced, the production of perfumed also excelled. Slowly, it was getting inside the financial ambit of the general public. Now, it’s being used by everyone because everyone is able to afford it.

MyBoxPackaging Offer Perfume Boxes have also become synonymous with the word style. Companies now try really hard to make as much attractive enclosing as possible. Luxurious encasings are now a necessity for mega-brands to stay relevant in the market.

As the tastes of people transform with time, brands are also transforming their strategies to conform to the wishes of their customers. In this article, we’re going to discuss some trendy and stylish encasing designs for your fragrances which will make you stand out from the rest of the competition.

The Traditional Square

Square encasings can never get out of fashion. Their unique symmetrical appeal always outscores their rivals. The square shape has its own unique appeal. It can make the printing on it easier because of the increased surface area it provides. It has to be ensured that the shape is symmetrical throughout and hasn’t got rough edges. It has to sit well balanced on the table or a shelf.

The Orange

This shape is based on the orange fruit. The idea behind it is to create a whole orange shaped encasing from plastic, glass or any other suitable material and leaving a slice detachable. Whenever someone wants to use it, they’d pull out that particular piece which contains the fragrance and all the other parts will stay intact. The color, of course, should be orange, primarily, but it could also be contrasted with some other colors to create a nice impression.

The Pyramid

Yes, the iconic shape of the Egyptian legacies. These Custom Perfume Boxes could be designed using two ways: You could either create an opening on the upper, narrower part or the lower, wider part of the structure. The color should relate to the Pyramids i.e. golden or any other related hue.

The Flower

The idea behind this presentation is that the user would pluck out a petal from the box that has the perfume bottle in it. Only that part of the box should be removable. Making all of the petals removable would render the structure unstable which isn’t a very practical configuration.

The Ball

This shape is unique for its durability. It can bear more pressured from the outside than other shapes. But that’s not the only thing for choosing it. You can also style it in your own way. The printing needs to be fine and delicate in order to complement the sphere.

The Drawer

This is a difficult design to put into practice but not impossible. It should work like a regular drawer. The customer will pull out a part like they pull out their drawer and use the scent. After using it they’ll put it in the drawer and push it back. It needs to be extra study to sustain the constant back and forth motion.

The Pencil

This could be generated using 2 ways: Either the buyer pushes a button from behind and the perfume pops out or there’s a cap that they need to open before they pull the scent out. If it has to be pushed out using a button, it needs to be integrated with the box in a way that ensures only a small part is exposed so that the container doesn’t suffer any damage.

The Branch

This could also be designed in 2 ways: Either as a leaf or a complete branch. If you want it to be designed as a leaf, just make an opening on either side of the leaf and you’ll be good to go. The branch part if a bit more tricky. You’ll need to decide at which part of the branch you want to create the opening. Creating it at the center will be beneficial since the sides of the branch will let it sit perfectly balanced on the shelf.

The Crown

Reinvigorating the ancient times of Kings and Queens, this design has turned out to be a timeless one. Using its upper part as the lid or opening, a majestical structure can be created. The colors used should be fancy and glittery.

The Purse

Another stylish idea, Perfume Packaging Boxes feature a square-like body and keeping one side as its opening. A golden chain could also be attached with it to make it more embellished. The color of it could be like leather’s. These were some connotations that you should try for your next perfume encasing design.

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